Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Day


Quite the exciting week. Illness slowly made it way through the family this week and waylaid just about everyone at some point. Kent had it Thursday and Friday but thought it fit in well with his diet. Snow and cold all week. The council has all but run out of grit for the roads so only the main roads are cleared and all the side roads and sidewalks are still quite icy. When we got up this morning it was snowing quite heavily. The phone started ringing as people called to say they would not be in church because of the weather. James was quite disappointed when I rang to tell him we could not pick him up for church. Their street is quite hilly and we had already had to leave the van there once this week because it could not get out. How sad that so many "Christians" have the ability to go to church and don't and those who cherish each moment in the house of God cannot always get there.

So we prepared the kids for "this might be a just us day" and set off for church. It never fails. We had a first time visitor. There was one other lady that walked to church so that was good. Seems every time we have a visitor it is just family and they just look at you when you tell them there really are other people who attend services. Richard seemed to enjoy the service and the preaching. We had a good time of fellowship and did not leave the church until about 1:20PM. Back for the evening service and a few more decided to brave the conditions and come out. All in all, a good day.

Now for another week of subzero weather. The homes here are just not designed, insulated or equipped with heating systems to deal with consistent cold weather like we are experiencing. We got a temperature gauge out to see what they house temp was. We could get it up to 65 in the warmest room of the house. At night, we turn the heat off because of cost and our bedroom was in the 50's when we woke up this morning. Makes it hard to get out from under the covers!


  1. down here in magdalania mexico. my room stays 5 degrees colder than the house so its about that most times. EZ.

  2. That is to cold for -Abigail Harris

  3. Wow! That's cold! I thought our home temperature of 67 is cold! I hope it warms up for you soon!!!

  4. We fill your pain! Thankfully the Lord has decided to remove the deep freeze for awhile! We will pray the same for you.