Monday, 18 January 2010

Nice Sunday


We had a very nice weekend and Sunday and trust you did as well. Whereas last week it was quite horrible weather wise, this week was a treat. Warm, sunny, almost springlike. It was warm enough that Connie was able to come to church with James. Also had a first time child visitor the same age as Deidra so Andrea taught Sunday school. We would like to expand the children's ministries but the resources are limited at present. Everyone is in agreement that we should be doing more but no one expects that they should have to do any of the work. Just leave it to the Pastor seems to be the attitude. Some things are universal the world over.

Andrea has started helping out with Deidra's Brownie group. Not sure what all they do but the level of crafts has definitely improved since Andrea started helping.

We would ask you to pray for Sam Brown. He has a major heart problem on Monday and ended up with a stint. They originally thought it was a heart attack but it turned out a blood vessel was trying to separate from the heart. He will be in hospital for a few days and then off work for 6 weeks. Hmmmm......also pray for his wife :)

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