Thursday, 28 January 2010

Just Normal Days


So many times when we are in the States, people inquire as to what life is like on the mission field. While the experiences will differ with the differences in each culture a family serves in the basics of life remain the same. The life of a missionary family is pretty much the same as life for a family in the States. Between rearing children, maintaining a household, keeping cars running and just life, the days roll on. There are some differences but life everywhere is pretty much the same routine. In that routine is comfort. We all seem to like it when things go to plan. People think they are tired of the routine and go on vacation only to experience a relief when they return home and the normality of life.

January has been a month of routine for us. Between the weather and illness, we have spent alot of time at home. This has allowed us to get organized, clean up some old paperwork and the kids have had some good weeks of school. This has also been a good month with the work at church. The folks seem to be settling in and enjoying learning about the Word of God. We seem to be fellowshipping longer and longer after services and enjoying getting to know each other better.

If you are in the area, make plan to attend the 1st Annual Sweethearts Banquet on the 12th. We even have a guest speaker lined up and are looking forward to an evening of fun. This Sunday we are having our 5th Sunday Fellowship. We stay after on Sunday morning and have a meal together. We do like to eat.

Starting to get excited about the trip to Vancouver for the Olympics. The Lord has worked out a large number of issues and it looks to be a great trip. Kent is out on the 15th and back on the 27th.


  1. Who are those sweet innocent children?????????//

  2. That is Austin, Ben and Chris in their younger days

  3. In their younger days almost makes you a old Dad. I am the anonymous who wrote. LOL.