Friday, 15 January 2010



Quite the bizarre week. We started off Sunday with the ice and snow.Woke up Monday to quite a nice day, the roads cleared and the snow started to melt. Tuesday it started to rain. At noon, it turned to sleet and about 2:00PM it began to snow. We ended up with about 4 inches and it shut the town down. Traffic was at a standstill for a few hours and everything was cancelled for Wednesday. By Wednesday morning it was 45 degrees and everything was melting. Best weather day in weeks and most everything in town was closed. We made sure all the church folks were okay and just kept on with life. Going out today, you would never know we had any snow at all. Good thing is....when it hits 50 it will seem like summer!

Life goes back to normal.......


  1. 50 is not That is winter.
    -Abigail Harris

  2. yep thats only 18 above freezing. :]