Friday, 1 January 2010



We spent a quiet New Years Eve with friends and family. Kent & Andrea had their normal Thursday dinner with James and Connie and then stayed up with the kids to watch the fireworks in London at midnight.

Our good friends, the Whitcombs, in Oklahoma have always had a New Years Day tradition of setting out food all day and having people over. We decided to steal their idea and do the same here. We had over 40 people through the house today starting at 12:30 and the last couple left at 9:30. bout half were folks from church and friends and the rest were Austin and Bens friends from their various activities. There were also a few neighbours and neighborhood kids running around. A good time was had by all and it will probably become an annual affair. We have found the best way to deal with being away from family during the holidays is to get involved with other people.

And then as was writing this blog, Austin came home and told me something strange was happening down at the bridge by our house. We went out and there were some teens trying to talk another out of jumping off of the bridge. We rang the police and it all turned out well.


  1. New Years turned out to be a little different here in Magdalena, Mexico. We were asleep but were immediately aware of midnight by the intensity and close proximity of machine gun fire! What a way to celebrate - no thanks. Your plans sound much more healthy and sound of mind.
    Steven Harris

  2. Well looks like my dad actually beat me to your blod for I was the only one to sleep through to gun fire. I really wanted to hear it. Well next year I will make sure I stay up.
    -Abigail Harris