Thursday, 28 January 2010

Just Normal Days


So many times when we are in the States, people inquire as to what life is like on the mission field. While the experiences will differ with the differences in each culture a family serves in the basics of life remain the same. The life of a missionary family is pretty much the same as life for a family in the States. Between rearing children, maintaining a household, keeping cars running and just life, the days roll on. There are some differences but life everywhere is pretty much the same routine. In that routine is comfort. We all seem to like it when things go to plan. People think they are tired of the routine and go on vacation only to experience a relief when they return home and the normality of life.

January has been a month of routine for us. Between the weather and illness, we have spent alot of time at home. This has allowed us to get organized, clean up some old paperwork and the kids have had some good weeks of school. This has also been a good month with the work at church. The folks seem to be settling in and enjoying learning about the Word of God. We seem to be fellowshipping longer and longer after services and enjoying getting to know each other better.

If you are in the area, make plan to attend the 1st Annual Sweethearts Banquet on the 12th. We even have a guest speaker lined up and are looking forward to an evening of fun. This Sunday we are having our 5th Sunday Fellowship. We stay after on Sunday morning and have a meal together. We do like to eat.

Starting to get excited about the trip to Vancouver for the Olympics. The Lord has worked out a large number of issues and it looks to be a great trip. Kent is out on the 15th and back on the 27th.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sam Brown Update


Sam is home from hospital and doing well. We went by to see them tonight and he is up and about. Please do continue to pray for him as he had alot of adjustments coming in his life.

Dinner with the Dudley's was enjoyable this evening. They are both in good health and good spirits.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Nice Sunday


We had a very nice weekend and Sunday and trust you did as well. Whereas last week it was quite horrible weather wise, this week was a treat. Warm, sunny, almost springlike. It was warm enough that Connie was able to come to church with James. Also had a first time child visitor the same age as Deidra so Andrea taught Sunday school. We would like to expand the children's ministries but the resources are limited at present. Everyone is in agreement that we should be doing more but no one expects that they should have to do any of the work. Just leave it to the Pastor seems to be the attitude. Some things are universal the world over.

Andrea has started helping out with Deidra's Brownie group. Not sure what all they do but the level of crafts has definitely improved since Andrea started helping.

We would ask you to pray for Sam Brown. He has a major heart problem on Monday and ended up with a stint. They originally thought it was a heart attack but it turned out a blood vessel was trying to separate from the heart. He will be in hospital for a few days and then off work for 6 weeks. Hmmmm......also pray for his wife :)

Friday, 15 January 2010



Quite the bizarre week. We started off Sunday with the ice and snow.Woke up Monday to quite a nice day, the roads cleared and the snow started to melt. Tuesday it started to rain. At noon, it turned to sleet and about 2:00PM it began to snow. We ended up with about 4 inches and it shut the town down. Traffic was at a standstill for a few hours and everything was cancelled for Wednesday. By Wednesday morning it was 45 degrees and everything was melting. Best weather day in weeks and most everything in town was closed. We made sure all the church folks were okay and just kept on with life. Going out today, you would never know we had any snow at all. Good thing is....when it hits 50 it will seem like summer!

Life goes back to normal.......

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Day


Quite the exciting week. Illness slowly made it way through the family this week and waylaid just about everyone at some point. Kent had it Thursday and Friday but thought it fit in well with his diet. Snow and cold all week. The council has all but run out of grit for the roads so only the main roads are cleared and all the side roads and sidewalks are still quite icy. When we got up this morning it was snowing quite heavily. The phone started ringing as people called to say they would not be in church because of the weather. James was quite disappointed when I rang to tell him we could not pick him up for church. Their street is quite hilly and we had already had to leave the van there once this week because it could not get out. How sad that so many "Christians" have the ability to go to church and don't and those who cherish each moment in the house of God cannot always get there.

So we prepared the kids for "this might be a just us day" and set off for church. It never fails. We had a first time visitor. There was one other lady that walked to church so that was good. Seems every time we have a visitor it is just family and they just look at you when you tell them there really are other people who attend services. Richard seemed to enjoy the service and the preaching. We had a good time of fellowship and did not leave the church until about 1:20PM. Back for the evening service and a few more decided to brave the conditions and come out. All in all, a good day.

Now for another week of subzero weather. The homes here are just not designed, insulated or equipped with heating systems to deal with consistent cold weather like we are experiencing. We got a temperature gauge out to see what they house temp was. We could get it up to 65 in the warmest room of the house. At night, we turn the heat off because of cost and our bedroom was in the 50's when we woke up this morning. Makes it hard to get out from under the covers!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What Happened?


Not sure how the whole Global Warming thing is going where you are but we are freezing. The part of England we live in is very temperate and we usually see only a few nights of freezing temperatures each year. We are not sure it has been above freezing at night for the past few weeks. In fact, it has been close to freezing during the day as well. This is really not that cold but after a few years in a climate you tend to acclimate. We start to get cold when it get below 45 and we get hot when it edges over 75.

We even had snow today. It has maybe snowed three times in the 8 winters we have been here. Today was a good dusting but enough to close the schools and a number of shops. They are just not prepared for snow and ice. Right now we are in favor of all the global warming we can get!!!!!

Friday, 1 January 2010



We spent a quiet New Years Eve with friends and family. Kent & Andrea had their normal Thursday dinner with James and Connie and then stayed up with the kids to watch the fireworks in London at midnight.

Our good friends, the Whitcombs, in Oklahoma have always had a New Years Day tradition of setting out food all day and having people over. We decided to steal their idea and do the same here. We had over 40 people through the house today starting at 12:30 and the last couple left at 9:30. bout half were folks from church and friends and the rest were Austin and Bens friends from their various activities. There were also a few neighbours and neighborhood kids running around. A good time was had by all and it will probably become an annual affair. We have found the best way to deal with being away from family during the holidays is to get involved with other people.

And then as was writing this blog, Austin came home and told me something strange was happening down at the bridge by our house. We went out and there were some teens trying to talk another out of jumping off of the bridge. We rang the police and it all turned out well.