Sunday, 13 December 2009

Boy, Are We In Trouble!


Sorry for the lag in posts but we have been away for 10 days. Each year a supporting church in Germany hosts a Christmas banquet for missionaries. If you can make it there, they will feed you and provide accommodations for the weekend. We have tried to go each year and make this our family vacation time. Since we are already in Germany, we try to show the kids a part of Europe they have yet to see.

We left on Thursday(Dec 3rd) after Austin got off work and drove to Dover to spend the night. Up at 4:00AM to catch the 5:55AM ferry to Calais and then spent the day driving to Mannheim, Germany. Arrived in time to check in, shower and change into our dress duds. Andrea had found a dress on a sale rack this summer and thought Kent needed a dinner jacket to match it. A thorough search of Ebay and we found one for 1 pound. It cost more to have it cleaned than to buy it. Friday was the banquet, Saturday was breakfast and then two preaching services. Lunch was the highlight for any trip we take to Germany, Taco Bell. The church is right next to a US military base and they have a TB and also Mountain Dew. The kids could stay there and be happy. Off to the Christmas Market for the afternoon and then dinner out. Because alot of missionaries have younger kids, we always offer our kids as babysitters for the evening and then just us adults can go out and visit. Makes for a nice evening. Sunday was church there in Mannheim and then Monday we took off for Bavaria. We took the kids to Rothenburg which is a walled medieval city that is quite lovely all decorated for Christmas. We then headed south to the ton of Fussen. This is where Ludwig II built his castle, Neuschwanstein. This is the castle that Walt Disney based his castles on. While the kids (17 and under are free..woohoo!!) took a tour of Neuschwanstein, Andrea and Kent toured Hohenschwangau which was the summer castle of Ludwig's parents. A quick detour into Austria for lunch and then it was off to Prague. This all sounds quite far but Europe is not really that big of a place. We spent a few days in Prague and Kent preached for a missionary there on Wednesday night. You want to visit a hard field? Go to the Czech Republic. Praise God for faithful missionaries who go to places like Prague.

Now comes the hard part....getting home. Back in the day....we used to travel 600, 700, 800 miles in a day and walk away just fine. Just another day in the life of a missionary on deputation. We left Prague at 7:15AM on Friday and drove 630 miles to just outside Paris to spend the night. We were shattered. Then we got up Saturday morning and headed for Calais to catch the ferry. The Lord blessed and we made good time and got home by 7:00PM Saturday evening. Shattered. No desire to go anywhere for a bit. It will be tough whenever we go to the States to do a furlough.

It was a great time as a family and possibly our last trip with everyone. Austin and Ben will be heading back to the States in 2010 and who knows what God has in store for them.


  1. Looks like I actually beat Abigail to your blog update to make a post! What a nice trip. Sounds like a great experience. I have been to Czech and you are right - thank God for those whom He has called and are faithful.
    God bless you all.
    Steven Harris

  2. I acturely beat my dad put I did not post a
    -Abigail Harris

  3. please don't beat your dad...he is getting old and bruises easily

  4. lol. ok I won't.
    -Abigail Harris