Wednesday, 23 December 2009



What a time of year. There is so much scurrying about and spending and events that even when you try to remain focused on the true meaning of Christmas, it is very hard to do so. However, hard does not equate to shouldn't.

We have truly seen God's blessing already in this holiday season.
A lady who got saved some time back was in church Sunday morning for the first time in probably a year. We had 22 for our carol service in the PM. This included 8 first time visitors of which 4 were teens that walked in off the street. They stayed the entire service and even for the snacks after. They heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and so we consider that a fair trade. Our home church sent us 5 boxes of goodies and presents. We have started to enjoy the goodies but are making the kids wait to open the presents. We may let them open them on Christmas Eve. Kent's dad had an operation last week and is recovering well and all our parents seem to be doing fine health wise. We truly could go on and on but suffice it so say, we have been blessed beyond measure and are grateful to God for all He has done in our lives.

May you enjoy the Christmas season as well!

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  1. I like the pj pants. Coke-cola
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