Saturday, 7 November 2009

Winter Has Come


After quite the dismal summer, we had a quite nice autumn. September and especially October were great. Then came November. Nothing but rain all week and it has turned cold. Well.....cold for here. We have fully acclimated and if it is in the 40' and windy we tend to be decked out in winter kit. Had the best intentions to get back to Looe and the posh people but never really had a dry stretch. Spent the week doing mostly administrative things and clearing the honey-do list( that would be mostly getting my grading done so she knows where the boys are in Geometry).

You would think some independent Baptist would be doing something for the Winter Olympics next Feb but have not found anything yet. Kent has been looking at finding a room somewhere close to Vancouver. If you can find a room they are quite expensive. The Super 8 rooms in Vancouver went for $250 per night. The plan may turn out to find a hostel or a private room in a house and then buy a used bike to get around. All of the venues are within biking distance except for the ones at the ski resort and they have shuttles that run there. Don't have alot of money to do this but feel it will help the 2012 effort. God has always provided and will again.

We have started inviting people to the Gossmeyer Family Thanksgiving Feast on Friday the 27th. If you can make it you are most certainly invited. Starts at 6:30PM and you are welcome to stay the weekend.


  1. Kent,

    Since I was in SLC for the Olympics in 2002, I thought I would throw you some thoughts on tract distribution. First, the Winter Olympics are very, very different from the Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympic crowds are a fraction of the Summer Olympic crowds, and at the Winter Olympics, it can be very difficult to get to the people. Most of the venues are shut off to the general public (i.e. those who do not have a ticket). We had over 5,000 tracts left over from the Winter Olympics here --- and that was not the result of a lack of effort at handing them out. There just were not the people.

    The Summer Olympics had been held in Atlanta right before our Winter Olympics, and they tell me that the experience was vastly difference. The number of people was much greater. Part of this probably has to do with weather. But the Winter Olympics involve fewer venues, fewer athletes, and more indoor stuff, or else events on top of mountains --- hard to get to.

    Just my 2 cents. I was not involved in organizing our tract program during that time. I became pastor here just before the Olympics started. But the men who worked the Summer Olympics in Atlanta were very helpful. We might be able to help you get in contact with some of them. That would probably beat the time and expense of travelling to Vancouver.

  2. Wish I could come to the party. But I will not be in the
    -Abigail Harris