Monday, 2 November 2009

When Is It the Darkest


We have all heard the saying it is darkest just before the dawn. Austin gave me a quote that it is darkest right before it goes pitch black. We started Sunday evening services right at one year ago. Our piano player and his wife, Mike and Eileen, thought there would be a number of people who would be interested in an evening service. We have had some people visit in the last year but for the past month it has just been our family and Bro Mike. He told me last week that he would understand if we went back to just a morning service in order to save money on the hall rental. I told him that we would keep on with the evening service until God told us otherwise. Last night we had 12 in the service. Eunice and Jackie came as well as Joe and the Crago's were both there. This was the first evening service for three of them.
How many times do we get discouraged and quit right before we see a blessing? It is like running a marathon and quitting at mile 20. Why waste the effort and pain of running the 20 miles? Go ahead and finish the race despite how you feel or think. Finish what you start.

Wow, pretty deep for our blog. Pretty good weekend for us. Nice weather on Sat and so we got out and enjoyed it. Austin passed another Microsoft test on Friday and is now certified in some other bits of their software. He only has a few more school sessions in his apprenticeship and then he will be fully certified in Microsoft networking. Kent letterboxed the posh part of Looe the other day. These were the oceanfront homes that you would see in a magazine or on television. It never seems like Baptists live on these sort of homes.Hmmmm......... Pretty to look at but they sure are far apart. Takes a long time to do very many of them. Deidra went to a friends birthday party and had a good time.
Pray we can find red and white candy canes this year. Everything we have seen so far has been weirdly coloured.

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