Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tickets Are Booked


If you are a regular reader of this blog (and both of you know who you are) you have seen mention of the 2012 London Olympic project and my desire to go to the Vancouver Olympics to do some research. I received advice from a number of people and decided in the end it would be beneficial to go. "What are you looking to accomplish?" seemed to be the most common question. Everyone who is planning an effort for the 2012 Olympics (and there will be many from all races, creeds and religions) is aware of the venue sites and the transportation links. I am looking for alternative sites and ministry opportunities. There are a plethora of activities other that the actual competitions that a host city has to offer.
I had been having problems locating anyone I could work with but this week God blessed and led me to a church in Vancouver that is planning to distribute 100,000 John/Romans and tracts during the games. They have associated with a church in Georgia that has gone to every Olympic Games since 1984. What a resource!! I have found some cheap housing at a hostel (think dorm room with 16 guys in it) and a cheap plane ticket so we are good to go. A few logistics to work out (bicycle, getting from Seattle to Vancouver) and some saving of money and it will be February before we know it. We appreciate your prayers that this trip will be a help for the 2012 Games and that we will see God do something amazing in Vancouver.


  1. I wish I could come that would be great fun.Hope you have a great time. -Abigail Harris

  2. Okay, it looks like I must be regular reader # 2 as my daughter has all ready made her comment. I have a bike you can have but Seattle is a bit of a ride from here :( Oh well, God gave it to me through another servant so I will pray He burdens another servant who live closer to give his to you. Of course you are welcome to stop by on your way through. May God bless you with abundant grace trying to get rest in a dorm room with 15 pagans. Never far from the mission field!
    Steven Harris

  3. You could always ride the bike up to Vancouver and meet me there!!

  4. Hi! My name is Renee & I'm a member @ BBCStanwood, in WA. Look forward to possibly seeing you guys when you come out for the games!