Monday, 23 November 2009

Some People Never Learn


Happy Thanksgiving week. This is one of our favorite weeks here at the Gossmeyer abode. We have a tradition of going to Pizza Hut on Thursday and then on Friday we have a big dinner and invite people from all over England and most everyone we know in town. Only about 4 make it each year but we seem to cook for 100. We have some folks who make it a weekend and stay with us for a few days and we are thinking of making a retreat weekend out of the event some year.
You would think that after 7 years, we would learn some things. Dumber than a box of rocks seems to be the standard anymore. Kent was at the butcher today getting a few hams for the dinner and saw some turkey breast slices. Kent has yet to meet a turkey he did not like so he pick up a packet for some lunchtime treats. A he was checking out he made a joke about everyone having to share the turkey for dinner Thursday. The till lady just looked at him with a look that defies description until Kent realized for the thousandth time, the English don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thursday is just a normal day here. Maybe after 2o years the cobwebs will start to clear up.
Had a few ill Sunday but Andrea is back up and going so she was able to be in the services. I always remember what Pastor Casteel told me just before we left for England. He said "I will start to worry when you run less than 7 on a Sunday". Good thing we had a few extra last week to cover.


  1. They do not have Thanksgiving here either. We have to explain it -Abigail Harris

  2. The gathering you are preparing for sounds like fun!