Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Slow But Steady


We had a good Sunday. Another first time visitor came by. She just moved to town and is looking for a church. We told her we would pray that she finds where God wants her to be. Too many people treat finding a church like buying car. They look for something where they will be comfortable, it won't cause them any problems and they do not have to do any work to keep it running.

Andrea had some back problems over the weekend but after a visit to the chiropractor and some bed rest she is much better and back up and at it. Things sure do run smoother when Mom is functional.

The annual candy cane buying spree has begun. As soon as we see them in the grocery stores we start buying every box they have. Then we wait until they restock in a few days and hit them again. We tried to interest them in a bulk buy the first few years but no one was interested. Cannot find any plain red/white canes this year so we are having to go with the red/green/white ones. Not sure why that is a big deal to us but it is. We like the red/white ones.

Oh, and here is the real family pic from a few weeks ago.

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  1. I think I like the other family picture -Abigail Harris