Friday, 20 November 2009

Getting More Than You Give


Several times in past blogs we have mentioned the Dudleys. They are an older couple who attend church here with us. Some time back, we started taking them dinner on Thursdays trying to be a blessing to them. It was not long before we were asked to stay and join them for dinner. Now, we look forward to Thursday night all week long. To sit and listen as these two Christians relate how good God has been to them and how they have seen him work in their lives is just an amazing experience. We may supply the meal each week but they give us so much more. That is usually what happens when we think we are going to be a blessing to someone. We end up the better for it. You cannot out give God!

Kent and Andrea went for their eye exams today. A bit of a nervous time for Kent as he has been holding things farther away to read them. Well, he was given a reprieve for now. The doctor said that Kent has long arms so he can wait a few years for bi-focals.

Kent has been reading about a device called a Kindle. It is an electronic book reader that you can upload books, magazines and newspapers. It also has a function that allows the device to "read" the selected material. with James not able to read due to his eyesight, we are thinking this might be something to look into. Know someone with a Kindle? please let us know. WE have questions.

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  1. Thank God for being so good to us! I'm glad to hear that He's blessing you while trying to be a blessing yourselves. :)