Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a great weekend. We had company starting Wednesday and the last group left Saturday afternoon. Thursday was the evening out in Plymouth. Our first year, the house we let had an oven that was way too small for a turkey so we ended up in Plymouth at Pizza Hut. Even after we moved and had a bigger oven we liked the idea of going to Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving Day so it stuck. We started having folks over for a Thanksgiving dinner about 5 years ago but had it on Friday night so as to not interfere with Pizza Hut. Each year we invite more people and each year it grows. There were 40 at this years dinner and we had a number of "regulars" miss this year. We rent a hall for the dinner and then all head to our house for some fellowship. Ping pong, Pit, Wii bowling were all on the agenda and we had people from 8 to 73 playing each and every one. It was a great time of fellowship and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Some People Never Learn


Happy Thanksgiving week. This is one of our favorite weeks here at the Gossmeyer abode. We have a tradition of going to Pizza Hut on Thursday and then on Friday we have a big dinner and invite people from all over England and most everyone we know in town. Only about 4 make it each year but we seem to cook for 100. We have some folks who make it a weekend and stay with us for a few days and we are thinking of making a retreat weekend out of the event some year.
You would think that after 7 years, we would learn some things. Dumber than a box of rocks seems to be the standard anymore. Kent was at the butcher today getting a few hams for the dinner and saw some turkey breast slices. Kent has yet to meet a turkey he did not like so he pick up a packet for some lunchtime treats. A he was checking out he made a joke about everyone having to share the turkey for dinner Thursday. The till lady just looked at him with a look that defies description until Kent realized for the thousandth time, the English don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thursday is just a normal day here. Maybe after 2o years the cobwebs will start to clear up.
Had a few ill Sunday but Andrea is back up and going so she was able to be in the services. I always remember what Pastor Casteel told me just before we left for England. He said "I will start to worry when you run less than 7 on a Sunday". Good thing we had a few extra last week to cover.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Getting More Than You Give


Several times in past blogs we have mentioned the Dudleys. They are an older couple who attend church here with us. Some time back, we started taking them dinner on Thursdays trying to be a blessing to them. It was not long before we were asked to stay and join them for dinner. Now, we look forward to Thursday night all week long. To sit and listen as these two Christians relate how good God has been to them and how they have seen him work in their lives is just an amazing experience. We may supply the meal each week but they give us so much more. That is usually what happens when we think we are going to be a blessing to someone. We end up the better for it. You cannot out give God!

Kent and Andrea went for their eye exams today. A bit of a nervous time for Kent as he has been holding things farther away to read them. Well, he was given a reprieve for now. The doctor said that Kent has long arms so he can wait a few years for bi-focals.

Kent has been reading about a device called a Kindle. It is an electronic book reader that you can upload books, magazines and newspapers. It also has a function that allows the device to "read" the selected material. with James not able to read due to his eyesight, we are thinking this might be something to look into. Know someone with a Kindle? please let us know. WE have questions.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Slow But Steady


We had a good Sunday. Another first time visitor came by. She just moved to town and is looking for a church. We told her we would pray that she finds where God wants her to be. Too many people treat finding a church like buying car. They look for something where they will be comfortable, it won't cause them any problems and they do not have to do any work to keep it running.

Andrea had some back problems over the weekend but after a visit to the chiropractor and some bed rest she is much better and back up and at it. Things sure do run smoother when Mom is functional.

The annual candy cane buying spree has begun. As soon as we see them in the grocery stores we start buying every box they have. Then we wait until they restock in a few days and hit them again. We tried to interest them in a bulk buy the first few years but no one was interested. Cannot find any plain red/white canes this year so we are having to go with the red/green/white ones. Not sure why that is a big deal to us but it is. We like the red/white ones.

Oh, and here is the real family pic from a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tickets Are Booked


If you are a regular reader of this blog (and both of you know who you are) you have seen mention of the 2012 London Olympic project and my desire to go to the Vancouver Olympics to do some research. I received advice from a number of people and decided in the end it would be beneficial to go. "What are you looking to accomplish?" seemed to be the most common question. Everyone who is planning an effort for the 2012 Olympics (and there will be many from all races, creeds and religions) is aware of the venue sites and the transportation links. I am looking for alternative sites and ministry opportunities. There are a plethora of activities other that the actual competitions that a host city has to offer.
I had been having problems locating anyone I could work with but this week God blessed and led me to a church in Vancouver that is planning to distribute 100,000 John/Romans and tracts during the games. They have associated with a church in Georgia that has gone to every Olympic Games since 1984. What a resource!! I have found some cheap housing at a hostel (think dorm room with 16 guys in it) and a cheap plane ticket so we are good to go. A few logistics to work out (bicycle, getting from Seattle to Vancouver) and some saving of money and it will be February before we know it. We appreciate your prayers that this trip will be a help for the 2012 Games and that we will see God do something amazing in Vancouver.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Winter Has Come


After quite the dismal summer, we had a quite nice autumn. September and especially October were great. Then came November. Nothing but rain all week and it has turned cold. Well.....cold for here. We have fully acclimated and if it is in the 40' and windy we tend to be decked out in winter kit. Had the best intentions to get back to Looe and the posh people but never really had a dry stretch. Spent the week doing mostly administrative things and clearing the honey-do list( that would be mostly getting my grading done so she knows where the boys are in Geometry).

You would think some independent Baptist would be doing something for the Winter Olympics next Feb but have not found anything yet. Kent has been looking at finding a room somewhere close to Vancouver. If you can find a room they are quite expensive. The Super 8 rooms in Vancouver went for $250 per night. The plan may turn out to find a hostel or a private room in a house and then buy a used bike to get around. All of the venues are within biking distance except for the ones at the ski resort and they have shuttles that run there. Don't have alot of money to do this but feel it will help the 2012 effort. God has always provided and will again.

We have started inviting people to the Gossmeyer Family Thanksgiving Feast on Friday the 27th. If you can make it you are most certainly invited. Starts at 6:30PM and you are welcome to stay the weekend.

Monday, 2 November 2009

When Is It the Darkest


We have all heard the saying it is darkest just before the dawn. Austin gave me a quote that it is darkest right before it goes pitch black. We started Sunday evening services right at one year ago. Our piano player and his wife, Mike and Eileen, thought there would be a number of people who would be interested in an evening service. We have had some people visit in the last year but for the past month it has just been our family and Bro Mike. He told me last week that he would understand if we went back to just a morning service in order to save money on the hall rental. I told him that we would keep on with the evening service until God told us otherwise. Last night we had 12 in the service. Eunice and Jackie came as well as Joe and the Crago's were both there. This was the first evening service for three of them.
How many times do we get discouraged and quit right before we see a blessing? It is like running a marathon and quitting at mile 20. Why waste the effort and pain of running the 20 miles? Go ahead and finish the race despite how you feel or think. Finish what you start.

Wow, pretty deep for our blog. Pretty good weekend for us. Nice weather on Sat and so we got out and enjoyed it. Austin passed another Microsoft test on Friday and is now certified in some other bits of their software. He only has a few more school sessions in his apprenticeship and then he will be fully certified in Microsoft networking. Kent letterboxed the posh part of Looe the other day. These were the oceanfront homes that you would see in a magazine or on television. It never seems like Baptists live on these sort of homes.Hmmmm......... Pretty to look at but they sure are far apart. Takes a long time to do very many of them. Deidra went to a friends birthday party and had a good time.
Pray we can find red and white candy canes this year. Everything we have seen so far has been weirdly coloured.