Monday, 26 October 2009

Quality Time With The Kids


We had a good weekend and trust you did as well. Austin had to drive up to London to take his ACT college exam on Saturday so he and Andrea left Friday and spent the night in Brimpton. Andrea went to see her friend Angela while Austin took his test. That left Kent in charge of the other 4 kids. Upon a review of the weather (rainy, windy) and the surf conditions (good swell, who cares if it is rainy you are going to get wet anyway) a compromise was reached with the kids. If they made sure to get their school done by the time Mom got home we would go surfing. So we packed lunches and headed for Bude. It was perfect! Just us and the few dogwalkers who braved the weather. The best news was when we returned the surfboards, the shop informed us that the rental was good until 5:00PM on Saturday. I left it up to the kids and they all decided they definitely wanted to come back. So we got up early Sat and checked the weather (rainy, very windy) and the surf conditions (very good swell, who cares if it is raining) and went back. The weather started clearing after lunch and it was a good day. You can tell the water is getting colder as it takes a few minutes to get warm. The water is about 62 degrees right now. Almost time to change from the summer wetsuit to a winter wetsuit. Took the kids home so they could finish school up.

We had good services on Sunday. Joe came back again and seemed to enjoy the service again. A few others were ill but it is good to see some new people come and start to grow.

Yesterday was time change Sunday here in England. We tend to be a week or two different on the change than the States. Time change Sunday has to be the worst day of the year. You go to church in the evening and it is light out and when you come out it is dark. Winter has come. Spending evenings outside are over for 6 months.

BTW, Austin thought he did well on his test. We get the results in about 6 weeks.


  1. We're having a very difficult time trying to determine the ages of your children. Could you e-mail the info to Heritage Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We need the info right away for our "Christmas in October" project. E-mail to Thank you. --Pastor Storey

  2. how you guys can surf in that cold is beyound It is about 60 here and I am freezing.
    Abigail Harris

  3. You have to wear a wetsuit all year. It also helps to keep moving while in the water. It gets worse as people surf all year here. The best waves are in the winter.

  4. I would do it. maybe i'll get to take a missions trip some were besides on this mission field lol jk Ezra harris

  5. I still think y'all are loco. And it is now 50ish here. -Abigail Harris