Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nice Quiet Week, So Far


Good week so far. We got some letterboxing done, had a good service Wed night, celebrated Chris's b-day Sunday and then again Tuesday. About the only trauma of the week was Kent got his finger caught between a van door and a wall when a gust of wind caught the door. Almost took the top of his pinkie finger off but it seems to be reattaching itself. It has been hard for the kids to do school with the sounds of his sobbing and weeping from the pain :)
Kent has been searching for someone who is planning an outreach during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Those games are this coming February and he would like to see how things work in preparation for the outreach effort in 2012 in London. Having a hard time finding anyone doctrinally sound that is going to be there.

You may be asking yourself why did they celebrate Chris's birthday twice. The actual date was Sunday, the 25th so we all wished him a Happy Birthday and that was about it. The real celebration was on Tuesday. We allow the children to select their b-day meal and so that usually means McDonalds for Deidra and Pizza Hut for most of the rest. Chris this year had asked if we could grill steak for his day. We thought that sounded better than Pizza Hut (and cheaper) so we agreed. The problem was Chris had gone to the orthodontist last Thursday and his teeth were still sore on Sunday hence we moved the official celebration to Tuesday. Kent took Chris to the butcher and let him pick out his own steak. The menu ended up scampi for an appetizer, steak, baked potato, corn for dinner and a poppy seed cake for afters. Very nice!


  1. Hola,
    Tell Chris feliz cuplianos for me. And that he picked a very good dinner. Every birhtday we have steak,steak, and more Tell Kent sorry for his finger.
    -Abigail Harris

  2. Hey wish we could have been there for the celebration! I am glad that you guys had a good time. So does the pinky hinder all the surfing that has been going on? That sure is a bummer. Love you guys.

  3. If I come over for my birthday can I have steak? Sorry to hear about your finger. As we get older our reflexes aren't what they used to be so be aware!!!