Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catch Up


This week has been a week of contrasts for us. Everything that was fun and enjoyable was tempered by the news of Bro Luke Onley's death. They visited with us for 4 days back in May on their survey trip to England and we enjoyed having them around. When I spoke with Rebecca this week I told her we considered her one of us and that would never change. Does a person become a missionary when their plane lands on foreign soil or when they surrender their heart and life to the field God has called them to? We tend to go with the moment of surrender because your life irrevocably alters as that point. I was in Scotland this week for a preachers conference and I always stop in the town of Penrith in the north part of England for fuel This is the same town the Onleys felt God was calling them to. As I fuelled the car, I looked around at the people going about their lives and asked God if He would send another man and his family to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard. I will never claim to understand all that God does and Luke's death is one of those events that we just have to trust God in.

The conference in Scotland was good this year. Not too many pastors from the States came over so it as mostly just us missionaries. Kind of like the inmates were running the asylum. We did see one young lady get saved in a morning session this year and other decisions were made a well. Probably the biggest blessing was the people that came from the States to help with the meeting. The church is Dundee is not a large church and the hosting of a meeting can be labor intensive. It is always a blessing to see church people from the States come over at their own expense for the sole intent and purpose of being blessing. Thank God for those churches in the States whose pastor encourages their people and especially young people to go visit the mission field.

Family is good. Boys and dad went surfing for an afternoon the Saturday before Kent went to Scotland. Not much in the way of waves but all we need at this point of our surfing careers. Austin takes the ACT test in London next weekend and has an exam in relation to his Microsoft certification/apprenticeship in the next few weeks. Ben has started Tae Kwan Do and Chris turn 16 next weekend. Time for him to hit the weights.

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