Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to the routine


Good day on Sunday. Everyone was healthy and at church as well as a first time visitor. He stayed and asked a few questions which was good. He told us that he had not been challenged in quite some time by the messages at this church and that the message Sunday spoke to him. Please pray for Joe.

Back to the routine this week. Kent is teaching Geometry and Speech this year to the two older boys and got behind the week he was in Scotland. We also had to scrap our 200 pound Rover this week. It was going to be way too much money to repair it to pass the safety inspection so off to the scrap yard it went. We got 8 months and 11,000 miles for our $300 so we consider that a blessing. We will see how the replacement car will do. Kent drove it to Dundee last week which is around 1300 miles round trip and it ran great.

Austin's car is in for it's inspection and will need a few repairs to get it through. We are going to try and squeeze another year of of it if possible.

Church tonight, dinner with the Dudleys tomorrow night and then Friday night date night. What an action packed week we have in store.

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