Thursday, 22 October 2009

7 Years of Bad Haircuts


One of the bad things about moving is you have to find new people to perform essential services in your life. New doctor, mechanic, barber, etc........ When we first moved to Liskeard I started going to a particular barber. Not really happy how he cut my hair but I thought he would soon learn. This has gone on for 7 years and even last week I remarked in Scotland that I was still not happy how he cuts my hair. Why not leave him is the obvious question. It took about 3 years before he would even discuss anything religious and this has slowly grown over the past 4 years. Today as I sat down, he asked me how people before the Cross related to God. Good question. Most people think Christianity started with Christ and do not understand the Old Testament. So while he cut my hair he got the whole salvation message. A man walked in on the last 5 minutes so he got a good dose as well.
How well did he cut my hair? Well, lets just say I will go back but not because he finally got my hair right. Please pray for my barber.


  1. I have found good barbers in Bullhead City, Az., Blanchester, Oh and then in Navajoa, Mx. I have also found the world's worst barber in Magdalena, Mx. I did not return to him but started cutting my flat top myself (that's how bad he was). I now go to one who just cannot quite get it but is a good contact like yours. I still might look elsewhere - good flat tops are important! Missionary Steven Harris

  2. Hey, just wanted to say Coke rules and Pepsi drules. lol. Miss y'all. Abigail Harris.

  3. Maybe you need a trip back to the states every 6 months to get a good hair cut. Then you can show him what a good cut looks like. If I would have read your blog before you called you wouldn't of had to repeat yourself. ( : ). I do try to stay current.