Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nice Quiet Week, So Far


Good week so far. We got some letterboxing done, had a good service Wed night, celebrated Chris's b-day Sunday and then again Tuesday. About the only trauma of the week was Kent got his finger caught between a van door and a wall when a gust of wind caught the door. Almost took the top of his pinkie finger off but it seems to be reattaching itself. It has been hard for the kids to do school with the sounds of his sobbing and weeping from the pain :)
Kent has been searching for someone who is planning an outreach during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Those games are this coming February and he would like to see how things work in preparation for the outreach effort in 2012 in London. Having a hard time finding anyone doctrinally sound that is going to be there.

You may be asking yourself why did they celebrate Chris's birthday twice. The actual date was Sunday, the 25th so we all wished him a Happy Birthday and that was about it. The real celebration was on Tuesday. We allow the children to select their b-day meal and so that usually means McDonalds for Deidra and Pizza Hut for most of the rest. Chris this year had asked if we could grill steak for his day. We thought that sounded better than Pizza Hut (and cheaper) so we agreed. The problem was Chris had gone to the orthodontist last Thursday and his teeth were still sore on Sunday hence we moved the official celebration to Tuesday. Kent took Chris to the butcher and let him pick out his own steak. The menu ended up scampi for an appetizer, steak, baked potato, corn for dinner and a poppy seed cake for afters. Very nice!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Quality Time With The Kids


We had a good weekend and trust you did as well. Austin had to drive up to London to take his ACT college exam on Saturday so he and Andrea left Friday and spent the night in Brimpton. Andrea went to see her friend Angela while Austin took his test. That left Kent in charge of the other 4 kids. Upon a review of the weather (rainy, windy) and the surf conditions (good swell, who cares if it is rainy you are going to get wet anyway) a compromise was reached with the kids. If they made sure to get their school done by the time Mom got home we would go surfing. So we packed lunches and headed for Bude. It was perfect! Just us and the few dogwalkers who braved the weather. The best news was when we returned the surfboards, the shop informed us that the rental was good until 5:00PM on Saturday. I left it up to the kids and they all decided they definitely wanted to come back. So we got up early Sat and checked the weather (rainy, very windy) and the surf conditions (very good swell, who cares if it is raining) and went back. The weather started clearing after lunch and it was a good day. You can tell the water is getting colder as it takes a few minutes to get warm. The water is about 62 degrees right now. Almost time to change from the summer wetsuit to a winter wetsuit. Took the kids home so they could finish school up.

We had good services on Sunday. Joe came back again and seemed to enjoy the service again. A few others were ill but it is good to see some new people come and start to grow.

Yesterday was time change Sunday here in England. We tend to be a week or two different on the change than the States. Time change Sunday has to be the worst day of the year. You go to church in the evening and it is light out and when you come out it is dark. Winter has come. Spending evenings outside are over for 6 months.

BTW, Austin thought he did well on his test. We get the results in about 6 weeks.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

7 Years of Bad Haircuts


One of the bad things about moving is you have to find new people to perform essential services in your life. New doctor, mechanic, barber, etc........ When we first moved to Liskeard I started going to a particular barber. Not really happy how he cut my hair but I thought he would soon learn. This has gone on for 7 years and even last week I remarked in Scotland that I was still not happy how he cuts my hair. Why not leave him is the obvious question. It took about 3 years before he would even discuss anything religious and this has slowly grown over the past 4 years. Today as I sat down, he asked me how people before the Cross related to God. Good question. Most people think Christianity started with Christ and do not understand the Old Testament. So while he cut my hair he got the whole salvation message. A man walked in on the last 5 minutes so he got a good dose as well.
How well did he cut my hair? Well, lets just say I will go back but not because he finally got my hair right. Please pray for my barber.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to the routine


Good day on Sunday. Everyone was healthy and at church as well as a first time visitor. He stayed and asked a few questions which was good. He told us that he had not been challenged in quite some time by the messages at this church and that the message Sunday spoke to him. Please pray for Joe.

Back to the routine this week. Kent is teaching Geometry and Speech this year to the two older boys and got behind the week he was in Scotland. We also had to scrap our 200 pound Rover this week. It was going to be way too much money to repair it to pass the safety inspection so off to the scrap yard it went. We got 8 months and 11,000 miles for our $300 so we consider that a blessing. We will see how the replacement car will do. Kent drove it to Dundee last week which is around 1300 miles round trip and it ran great.

Austin's car is in for it's inspection and will need a few repairs to get it through. We are going to try and squeeze another year of of it if possible.

Church tonight, dinner with the Dudleys tomorrow night and then Friday night date night. What an action packed week we have in store.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catch Up


This week has been a week of contrasts for us. Everything that was fun and enjoyable was tempered by the news of Bro Luke Onley's death. They visited with us for 4 days back in May on their survey trip to England and we enjoyed having them around. When I spoke with Rebecca this week I told her we considered her one of us and that would never change. Does a person become a missionary when their plane lands on foreign soil or when they surrender their heart and life to the field God has called them to? We tend to go with the moment of surrender because your life irrevocably alters as that point. I was in Scotland this week for a preachers conference and I always stop in the town of Penrith in the north part of England for fuel This is the same town the Onleys felt God was calling them to. As I fuelled the car, I looked around at the people going about their lives and asked God if He would send another man and his family to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard. I will never claim to understand all that God does and Luke's death is one of those events that we just have to trust God in.

The conference in Scotland was good this year. Not too many pastors from the States came over so it as mostly just us missionaries. Kind of like the inmates were running the asylum. We did see one young lady get saved in a morning session this year and other decisions were made a well. Probably the biggest blessing was the people that came from the States to help with the meeting. The church is Dundee is not a large church and the hosting of a meeting can be labor intensive. It is always a blessing to see church people from the States come over at their own expense for the sole intent and purpose of being blessing. Thank God for those churches in the States whose pastor encourages their people and especially young people to go visit the mission field.

Family is good. Boys and dad went surfing for an afternoon the Saturday before Kent went to Scotland. Not much in the way of waves but all we need at this point of our surfing careers. Austin takes the ACT test in London next weekend and has an exam in relation to his Microsoft certification/apprenticeship in the next few weeks. Ben has started Tae Kwan Do and Chris turn 16 next weekend. Time for him to hit the weights.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Great Liskeard Balloon Race


Yesterday was the St Matthew's Fayre here in Liskeard. The ancient town of Liskerrett received a charter in 1471 from the king of England to hold a fayre in honour of St Matthew. While the town not had a fayre each of the past 538 years, it has become a recent tradition. Organizations set up booths and a carnival with rides sets up in the Cattle Market Car Park. This is the second year we have participated and provided a balloon race for children. We had a good turnout and even some looking for us from last year. We gave out a large number of tracts and also had a few good conversations with some people. We were the only church in town that participated and that is just fine with us. We had a newspaper photographer take pictures of our booth as well as the launch and so we will keep and eye out for those.

Down a few at church today but James is sick and Connie stayed home to look after him. Please pray for James. When you get 89 years old what seems a small bout with the flu can become a big problem.

Friday, 2 October 2009

10 Years of Blessings


As mentioned the other day, the end of September marks several milestones for us as a family. This Sept 30th is the 7th anniverary of our arriving in England and the 10th anniversary of our going full time in the ministry. While these do not seem so momentous of decisions in retrospect, they were huge leaps of faith at the time for us as a couple and as a family. Many told us we were ruining our lives and would regret our decision. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We have had an incredible 10 years serving God. There are some times we sit around as a family and recite all the blessings God has bestowed upon us in the past decade. We have not starved, we have always had transportation and we sleep warm at night (at least by English standards). Our children have been able to see many sights both in the States and in Europe that would just not have been possible if Kent was still an accountant. We also believe we are much closer as a family because of the ministry and thank God he called us. The years have not been without trials but God has always seen us through them.

We know not was the next decade holds for us should the Lord tarry, but we do know that He will never leave us nor forsake us. It is with that promise we gladly continue on the path God has set before us.