Thursday, 24 September 2009

To London town we go


Well, we are all back home now. Andrea and Kent went up to London to pick up Andrea's parents at Heathrow. We left Tuesday after lunch and first stopped off in Exeter. We dropped off some John/Romans with the Harveys there, had a cup of tea and then headed east. We then stopped in Wareham and dropped off a bookcase for the Dickens and then went to the Ghurka for dinner. Think Nepalese buffet. It was good and we tried some things we had never eaten before. Andrea especially liked the crispy seaweed. Then we drove on to the airport and spent the night. JC and Judy flew in at 7:00AM and we headed west to Cornwall. We had Gossmeyer chicken for dinner and then time for church. Everyone stayed awake but it was a struggle.
Ben fixed waffles for breakfast this morning and did so well he might have to do it again before the Grandparents leave. As always, Grandma's suitcases were filled with a fantastic assortment of goodies. The kids will be on a sugar high for weeks.

Always nice to see family and get to visit.

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