Sunday, 13 September 2009

This Must Be Hawaii

Wow, we have had 4 straight days of sunshine. Our skin tone is now just slightly darker than milky white but we are making progress. Friday was the hardest day I have ever had letterboxing. Only did about 200 but there was not a street level door on the entire route. I honestly doubt I would have lasted 20 minutes if I was not doing my running. The town does seem to level out a bit for this week but when we move to the other side of the Looe River it looks to be just as bad.

Had a good day today. Two firs time visitors. They both mentioned that they had received literature from us recently. That would have been June when Beth Haven was here. They both live in Liskeard and we have not letterboxed in Liskeard since they were here. Both seemed interested so we will keep you updated.

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