Monday, 21 September 2009

Still Sunny in Cornwall......


What a great weekend! For starters the weather has held up and we enjoyed sunshine all week. We discovered soon after we moved to England the reason the English were such great explorers. They were just trying to find somewhere warm and sunny.

Saturday the boys and Kent went surfing for the day. Not many people think of England as a surfing hotspot but the southwestern part of the country gets alot of swells straight off the Northern Atlantic. They went to a town called Bude and took two lessons. A few of them had gone before but this was Ben and Davis's first time. Now when many people think of surfing, they think of the hot sun, warm water and girls in bikinis. The warmest the ocean water temp gets in the summer is about 58 degrees. You have to wear a wetsuit even in the summer and even gloves and boots in the winter (when the waves are the best). Tuns out Ben and Davis abolutely loved it. By the end of the day most if not all were standing up if only for a few seconds. It is not as easy as it looks in those 60's movies. The boys plan seems to be to pool their money and buy some secondhand kit and give it a go. Sounds good to us.

Meanwhile, Deidra and Andrea were at the miniature dollhouse store furnishing Deidra's kitchen. This was followed by lunch at the Fat Frog and then home to make some accessories for her dollhouse.

You may ask what was the occasion? The end of September marks several anniversaries for us. It is 7 years since we arrived in England and 10 years of full time ministry for us. It was in Sept of 99 that Kent resigned his corporate job and went full time in the ministry. Every year we do a little something to mark the events and remind our kids of just how good God has been to us the past 10 years. There were a number of people who told us it was a mistake to go into the ministry and that we were ruining our lives. We have to say at the 10 year mark that we have no complaints as to how God has treated us. We have been truly blessed and we want our kids to see that and realize that. We also like to thank them for being a blessing to us. Our kids do not have alot of friends and for the most part never hear from anyone in the States. It would be easy for them to develop a bad attitude and resent the ministry God has placed us in. We have not had this problem to date and we attribute it to the advice we received while on staff at Beth Haven. Just like a car, your family needs routine maintenance. If a day of surfing or going out to Pizza Hut every so often is the price of keeping the family together and able to stay on the mission field then that seems pretty cheap.

We also had 19 in church Sunday morning. Some visitors from the previous week returned and a family on holiday came to both the morning and evening services. Almost had to set out another row of chairs. Andrea's parents fly in to London on Wed morning and so Kent and Andrea will drive up and pick them up. The kids are excited. Grandma's suitcase always has some good surprises in it.

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