Sunday, 27 September 2009

Good To See Family


Gotta love September! It has been an excellent month of weather. Some very nice sunny days and warm temps. We have been having a nice visit with the Bairds. Hard to believe that it has been a year since JC's surgery and subsequent battle with cancer. He is looking quite healthy. We went out to eat on Thursday evening with James Dudley's daughter. She is visiting from New York and brought a friend with her. Come to find out, they fellowship with a church that supports us. Small world!!

Friday was bbq ribs and steak night and we all ate till we were full as tics and Saturday evening we went to the Brown's for dinner. It does sounds as if all we have done is eat and that is not far from the truth.

We had a good day at church today. It was a special service this morning to have JC sing and play the piano for us. God has been very good to us to allow him this extra time and health to come and visit us. We have already started working on him about coming back but he was not too thrilled with the long plane ride. Can't say as I blame him.

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