Monday, 28 September 2009

Surfing Pictures


I had promised a few surfing pics from the trip a week ago.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Good To See Family


Gotta love September! It has been an excellent month of weather. Some very nice sunny days and warm temps. We have been having a nice visit with the Bairds. Hard to believe that it has been a year since JC's surgery and subsequent battle with cancer. He is looking quite healthy. We went out to eat on Thursday evening with James Dudley's daughter. She is visiting from New York and brought a friend with her. Come to find out, they fellowship with a church that supports us. Small world!!

Friday was bbq ribs and steak night and we all ate till we were full as tics and Saturday evening we went to the Brown's for dinner. It does sounds as if all we have done is eat and that is not far from the truth.

We had a good day at church today. It was a special service this morning to have JC sing and play the piano for us. God has been very good to us to allow him this extra time and health to come and visit us. We have already started working on him about coming back but he was not too thrilled with the long plane ride. Can't say as I blame him.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

To London town we go


Well, we are all back home now. Andrea and Kent went up to London to pick up Andrea's parents at Heathrow. We left Tuesday after lunch and first stopped off in Exeter. We dropped off some John/Romans with the Harveys there, had a cup of tea and then headed east. We then stopped in Wareham and dropped off a bookcase for the Dickens and then went to the Ghurka for dinner. Think Nepalese buffet. It was good and we tried some things we had never eaten before. Andrea especially liked the crispy seaweed. Then we drove on to the airport and spent the night. JC and Judy flew in at 7:00AM and we headed west to Cornwall. We had Gossmeyer chicken for dinner and then time for church. Everyone stayed awake but it was a struggle.
Ben fixed waffles for breakfast this morning and did so well he might have to do it again before the Grandparents leave. As always, Grandma's suitcases were filled with a fantastic assortment of goodies. The kids will be on a sugar high for weeks.

Always nice to see family and get to visit.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Still Sunny in Cornwall......


What a great weekend! For starters the weather has held up and we enjoyed sunshine all week. We discovered soon after we moved to England the reason the English were such great explorers. They were just trying to find somewhere warm and sunny.

Saturday the boys and Kent went surfing for the day. Not many people think of England as a surfing hotspot but the southwestern part of the country gets alot of swells straight off the Northern Atlantic. They went to a town called Bude and took two lessons. A few of them had gone before but this was Ben and Davis's first time. Now when many people think of surfing, they think of the hot sun, warm water and girls in bikinis. The warmest the ocean water temp gets in the summer is about 58 degrees. You have to wear a wetsuit even in the summer and even gloves and boots in the winter (when the waves are the best). Tuns out Ben and Davis abolutely loved it. By the end of the day most if not all were standing up if only for a few seconds. It is not as easy as it looks in those 60's movies. The boys plan seems to be to pool their money and buy some secondhand kit and give it a go. Sounds good to us.

Meanwhile, Deidra and Andrea were at the miniature dollhouse store furnishing Deidra's kitchen. This was followed by lunch at the Fat Frog and then home to make some accessories for her dollhouse.

You may ask what was the occasion? The end of September marks several anniversaries for us. It is 7 years since we arrived in England and 10 years of full time ministry for us. It was in Sept of 99 that Kent resigned his corporate job and went full time in the ministry. Every year we do a little something to mark the events and remind our kids of just how good God has been to us the past 10 years. There were a number of people who told us it was a mistake to go into the ministry and that we were ruining our lives. We have to say at the 10 year mark that we have no complaints as to how God has treated us. We have been truly blessed and we want our kids to see that and realize that. We also like to thank them for being a blessing to us. Our kids do not have alot of friends and for the most part never hear from anyone in the States. It would be easy for them to develop a bad attitude and resent the ministry God has placed us in. We have not had this problem to date and we attribute it to the advice we received while on staff at Beth Haven. Just like a car, your family needs routine maintenance. If a day of surfing or going out to Pizza Hut every so often is the price of keeping the family together and able to stay on the mission field then that seems pretty cheap.

We also had 19 in church Sunday morning. Some visitors from the previous week returned and a family on holiday came to both the morning and evening services. Almost had to set out another row of chairs. Andrea's parents fly in to London on Wed morning and so Kent and Andrea will drive up and pick them up. The kids are excited. Grandma's suitcase always has some good surprises in it.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Pray for the Grissoms


I would ask each of you to pray for the Grissoms. They are the family that came to visit us a few weeks ago and are in the pics below. Wayne suffered a suspected heart attack on Tuesday and is still having problems. He will have to take some time off from the ministry.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

This Must Be Hawaii

Wow, we have had 4 straight days of sunshine. Our skin tone is now just slightly darker than milky white but we are making progress. Friday was the hardest day I have ever had letterboxing. Only did about 200 but there was not a street level door on the entire route. I honestly doubt I would have lasted 20 minutes if I was not doing my running. The town does seem to level out a bit for this week but when we move to the other side of the Looe River it looks to be just as bad.

Had a good day today. Two firs time visitors. They both mentioned that they had received literature from us recently. That would have been June when Beth Haven was here. They both live in Liskeard and we have not letterboxed in Liskeard since they were here. Both seemed interested so we will keep you updated.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sunny Days


The sun came out in Cornwall. We should all just sit back and bask in the thought....................................................................................................................

okay. Did some letterboxing in Looe both yesterday and today. The hills in Looe make Liskeard look like western Kansas. Had a meeting this morning with some folks who are looking to start a Bible study at the local school. It would be on a rotational basis so on our weeks it would just be us and not a collective effort. We will see where this leads.

Had a nice dinner with the Dudleys this evening.

More letterboxing tomorrow, continuing to work on a bookcase for a pastor and then Friday Night Date Night. The Cragos are going with us and we are looking forward to it.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Labor Day


We officially celebrated Labor Day with labor. The kids started school today. Well, actually they started last Monday but with our friends deciding at the last minute to come visit school was put on hiatus for a week. Brownies start tonight, karate starts up again tonight and the routine of life will once again take center stage. Ben and Kent are looking at taking a Spanish course this fall in hopes of being able to impress Jose when he comes back next summer.

Good day at church yesterday. Spoke on living a balanced Christian life and finished up on stewardship last night. Must have worked since we had a good offering yesterday. Wait, we take the offering before the message........hmmmmmmm. We will see what next week holds in store.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Sad Farewell


Our guests left this morning after a waffle breakfast. We truly enjoyed the time with them and our time with them reminded us how little fellowship we get. Their kids did not want to leave and we took that as a good sign. Here are a few pics of the big tour on Friday. It was a nice sunny day but quite windy. They really loved Cornwall as the part of England they live in is flat as a table.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hostess with the Mostest


We have had an enjoyable week with our friends who are down on holiday for a few days. There are just some people you instantly mesh with and enjoy being around. This family is one of those types. It rained all day Wednesday so we just let the kids play around the house and the adults went into town to do a few errands and some shopping. Somehow, a few Barnecutt's pasties made it back to the house for lunch. We had services than night and just enjoyed the fellowship. Thursday, Kent and Wayne went and helped the Dudley's for awhile and then Kent took the visiting friends up to the Moors to have a hike. Everyone came home a little wet and plenty tired. Our family went to the Dudleys for dinner and had a great time. James and Connie were so excited that we would come over and that the kids would come as well. We ended up telling riddles for awhile after dinner, the kids quoted some Bible verses for them and then we sang a bit. Andrea thought the dinner was great because we had roast beef.

We did the big tour today but will put that in a later post.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sunday Dinner and Friends


We had a good weekend and good services. Sunday was a 5th Sunday so we had dinner after the morning service and some fellowship. Most everyone stayed and we had a good visit. Preached on "Stop Living In Yesterday" in the morning and we are working through a stewardship series on Sunday PM. Here are a few pics from dinner.

Some missionary friends from up country arrived today for a bit of a holiday. Needed to get away and you cannot get away from it any farther than Cornwall. They have two kids that are about the same age as Davis and Deidra so they have been playing non stop since they got here. It turned sunny this afternoon so we took them to where else but Polperro. They want to move to Cornwall now. Here are a few pics from the day.