Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who Would Have Thought It


A first today. The boys all are required to go to the gym as part of their school and they do not get the summer off because they need the exercise. They all have running to do as part of their programs but until today we (all 5 of us) had never run together at the same time. It was great. Obviously we all run at different speeds and so we eventually spread out but it has been nice to watch as the boys get in shape. Someone asked me the other day if I was sad that Ben had made his half marathon goal which cost me a few hundred dollars in airfare. I told him it was well worth it just for the time Ben and I spent together out running getting him ready for the race.

Almost ready for camp. Messages almost done, pranks almost finished, playground really close, benches and duckboards just need a few coats of Danish oil and we have the all essential camp snacks on the grocery list. Ben has to be at camp this Wed for staff training and so I am taking him up and also taking the playground to set up before camp.

Had a nice dinner with the Dudleys this week. They had some friends down from up country and so we took dinner over for the 6 of us. You do meet all kinds. Not sure if we have ever eaten with a female, charismatic, Nazarene preacher before or if we ever will again. Made for some strange dinner topics.

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