Monday, 17 August 2009

Weekend Update


We had a good weekend. Andrea and I celebrated our 23rd Anniversary, Austin earned his black belt on Karate, everyone made it home safe from their various journeys and we had a good day in church. We had two teenage girls come to the evening service. It was obvious they had never been in church before and they only lasted about 20 minutes but they said they might come back. Someone vandalized one of our signs during the service but it is repairable. We finished the study on the Lords Supper and it has certainly provoked discussion among the people and their friends. We received our application for booth space at the St Matthew's fair in Liskeard and we are planning to do the balloon race again. The fair is on October 3rd so we have a little time. We are attaching a few more pics from camp.


  1. She is putting linseed oil on the oak front doors of the church building in Brimpton