Saturday, 29 August 2009

Update on the Kiddos


Thought we would give an update on the kids. They never seem to get much airtime or mention.

Austin- he has had a good two weeks. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate, his MCP from Microsoft and as of today he is now a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. All things he has been working on for some time but they came to fruition just this month. He has a year left on his apprenticeship in IT at the local school district and then off to university.

Ben- he was back in the States for a month this summer to be spoiled by the grandparents and to brought back a Playstation 3 that he has been saving for. He also ran a half-marathon in July and has not moved faster than a shuffle since :). He is presently looking for a part-time job but even in good times it is hard for a teenager to find a job here. Not many teens work and the shops all close at 5PM so they need limited staff. He has one more year of school with us and then ????? He is also thinking about doing some Tae Kwan Do this year.

Chris- he is now 15 and almost as tall as his older brothers. He is still the size of a broomstick but he can sure do pullups. He had a tooth pulled this week so his braces can move his teeth into their proper position. Chris is a junior this year and is hoping to take some advanced classes at the local school. He has a weekly paper route and laments the fact that is always seems to rain on paper day.

Davis- he is still Davis. He charms wherever he goes. He is also taking karate and has about one year before he grades for his black belt. Since turning 12 in March, he has joined us at the gym and is the pushup master. He ran 2.2 miles the other day for the first time and thought that was far enough. Davis is a 7th grader this year.

Deidra- the princess is growing up. Now 8 years old, she is a Brownie and looks forward to Monday nights. She often gets up on Mondays mornings asking if she can put on her uniform. She has a miniature doll house she likes to play with but has a bit of tom-boy in her. Just today while Dad was turning over a flower bed, she was collecting the earthworms into a pile. She starts 3rd grade this fall and is a good helper to mom around the house. Deidra believes her real purpose on Earth is to boss the boys around.

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