Friday, 28 August 2009

A Rainy Friday

What to do, what to do? It would be sunny for 5 minutes and then rain or shower for 20. Blindingly sunny for 10 then rain for 5. All day. Time to do a few errands and tasks that have been building up. Went to the bank, post office, photo processor, newstand, hardware store and then home. Replaced a patio umbrella strut, restored a pine box that had been slightly messed up, cleaned up the garage from the camp projects mess, took Andrea to Trago Mills to get the roasts for the church dinner Sunday, dug up a flower bed during a sunny spell, took Andrea to dinner, went to B&Q to look at kitchen cabinet doors for the Dudley's kitchen remodel and then home. Nothing too hard but we are trying to get things in order for school to start next week.

Andrea and I had a nice dinner with James and Connie on Thursday evening. Is there anything sweeter than a Christian who is assured in their faith and has no fear of whatever may come? We ate and then sang hymns for about 45 minutes. They heard something that no one anywhere and ever heard before. We started to sing a song that they did not know and Andrea and I ended up singing a duet. That was the point that Timmy the cat felt the need to leave the room. To watch James and Connie just sit back in their chairs and close there eyes while singing those great hymns was something quite special. The promises found in the lines of those hymns are more than words to them. They have bravely invited the entire tribe over to their house for dinner next Thursday. They have been plotting for weeks how to arrange their house to seat the 7 Gossmeyers. What a treat. It has been our experience that very few people are willing to host that many.

The picture is from a walk around Polruan. Thought this was a cool, old gate.

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