Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Quiet Week


like the calm before the storm, we had a quiet week this week. School starts on the 31st at Gossmeyer Christian Academy (Home of the Wild Yahoos) so everyone is basking in the idleness that only summer vacation can offer. That excludes fixing the fuse box at the Dudleys, repairing the vandalized church sign, fighting over shipping costs with a book supplier, rearranging fish tanks because Austin was given a $1,000 setup for free, fixing dinner for the Dudleys, repairing the boys shower, trying to find Cornish city maps to plot out the fall letter boxing, etc, etc, etc....... Same as everyone else, there is always something that needs to be taken care of. The most exciting bit of the week seems to be the new beanbag chair for the living room. We always seem to be short a seat or two when the whole family is on the living room and we have looked at beanbag chairs here before but they have always been small and dear. We found a large, black one that was also dear but decided to get it anyway. The kids were surprised we bought the chair but were even more shocked that we bought something brand new. It was a bit out of character for us but the chair was quite comfy.

Signed the church up for a booth at the St Matthews Fair in Liskeard. We will behaving a balloon race again this year. Next Sunday is our 5th Sunday fellowship. We stay after church in the AM and have lunch together. Connie, who is 93, asked today what she could bring. She said it was only right if she was going to eat that she bring something. Gotta love that older generation that was taught manners.

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