Saturday, 29 August 2009

Update on the Kiddos


Thought we would give an update on the kids. They never seem to get much airtime or mention.

Austin- he has had a good two weeks. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate, his MCP from Microsoft and as of today he is now a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. All things he has been working on for some time but they came to fruition just this month. He has a year left on his apprenticeship in IT at the local school district and then off to university.

Ben- he was back in the States for a month this summer to be spoiled by the grandparents and to brought back a Playstation 3 that he has been saving for. He also ran a half-marathon in July and has not moved faster than a shuffle since :). He is presently looking for a part-time job but even in good times it is hard for a teenager to find a job here. Not many teens work and the shops all close at 5PM so they need limited staff. He has one more year of school with us and then ????? He is also thinking about doing some Tae Kwan Do this year.

Chris- he is now 15 and almost as tall as his older brothers. He is still the size of a broomstick but he can sure do pullups. He had a tooth pulled this week so his braces can move his teeth into their proper position. Chris is a junior this year and is hoping to take some advanced classes at the local school. He has a weekly paper route and laments the fact that is always seems to rain on paper day.

Davis- he is still Davis. He charms wherever he goes. He is also taking karate and has about one year before he grades for his black belt. Since turning 12 in March, he has joined us at the gym and is the pushup master. He ran 2.2 miles the other day for the first time and thought that was far enough. Davis is a 7th grader this year.

Deidra- the princess is growing up. Now 8 years old, she is a Brownie and looks forward to Monday nights. She often gets up on Mondays mornings asking if she can put on her uniform. She has a miniature doll house she likes to play with but has a bit of tom-boy in her. Just today while Dad was turning over a flower bed, she was collecting the earthworms into a pile. She starts 3rd grade this fall and is a good helper to mom around the house. Deidra believes her real purpose on Earth is to boss the boys around.

Friday, 28 August 2009

A Rainy Friday

What to do, what to do? It would be sunny for 5 minutes and then rain or shower for 20. Blindingly sunny for 10 then rain for 5. All day. Time to do a few errands and tasks that have been building up. Went to the bank, post office, photo processor, newstand, hardware store and then home. Replaced a patio umbrella strut, restored a pine box that had been slightly messed up, cleaned up the garage from the camp projects mess, took Andrea to Trago Mills to get the roasts for the church dinner Sunday, dug up a flower bed during a sunny spell, took Andrea to dinner, went to B&Q to look at kitchen cabinet doors for the Dudley's kitchen remodel and then home. Nothing too hard but we are trying to get things in order for school to start next week.

Andrea and I had a nice dinner with James and Connie on Thursday evening. Is there anything sweeter than a Christian who is assured in their faith and has no fear of whatever may come? We ate and then sang hymns for about 45 minutes. They heard something that no one anywhere and ever heard before. We started to sing a song that they did not know and Andrea and I ended up singing a duet. That was the point that Timmy the cat felt the need to leave the room. To watch James and Connie just sit back in their chairs and close there eyes while singing those great hymns was something quite special. The promises found in the lines of those hymns are more than words to them. They have bravely invited the entire tribe over to their house for dinner next Thursday. They have been plotting for weeks how to arrange their house to seat the 7 Gossmeyers. What a treat. It has been our experience that very few people are willing to host that many.

The picture is from a walk around Polruan. Thought this was a cool, old gate.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More Camp Pictures

Here is a link to more pictures from camp

Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Quiet Week


like the calm before the storm, we had a quiet week this week. School starts on the 31st at Gossmeyer Christian Academy (Home of the Wild Yahoos) so everyone is basking in the idleness that only summer vacation can offer. That excludes fixing the fuse box at the Dudleys, repairing the vandalized church sign, fighting over shipping costs with a book supplier, rearranging fish tanks because Austin was given a $1,000 setup for free, fixing dinner for the Dudleys, repairing the boys shower, trying to find Cornish city maps to plot out the fall letter boxing, etc, etc, etc....... Same as everyone else, there is always something that needs to be taken care of. The most exciting bit of the week seems to be the new beanbag chair for the living room. We always seem to be short a seat or two when the whole family is on the living room and we have looked at beanbag chairs here before but they have always been small and dear. We found a large, black one that was also dear but decided to get it anyway. The kids were surprised we bought the chair but were even more shocked that we bought something brand new. It was a bit out of character for us but the chair was quite comfy.

Signed the church up for a booth at the St Matthews Fair in Liskeard. We will behaving a balloon race again this year. Next Sunday is our 5th Sunday fellowship. We stay after church in the AM and have lunch together. Connie, who is 93, asked today what she could bring. She said it was only right if she was going to eat that she bring something. Gotta love that older generation that was taught manners.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Weekend Update


We had a good weekend. Andrea and I celebrated our 23rd Anniversary, Austin earned his black belt on Karate, everyone made it home safe from their various journeys and we had a good day in church. We had two teenage girls come to the evening service. It was obvious they had never been in church before and they only lasted about 20 minutes but they said they might come back. Someone vandalized one of our signs during the service but it is repairable. We finished the study on the Lords Supper and it has certainly provoked discussion among the people and their friends. We received our application for booth space at the St Matthew's fair in Liskeard and we are planning to do the balloon race again. The fair is on October 3rd so we have a little time. We are attaching a few more pics from camp.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Good Week At Camp


Camp Joy is over for another year. The Lord blessed us with a great week. We saw a teenage girl get saved after the Wed evening service and their were a number of other decisions as well. Beautiful weather all week and nobody broke any bones. There were a record number of campers this year and we already know of others that are planning to attend next year for the first time. It is exciting to see the camp grow. It is just more proof that you do not have to adopt worldly standards in order to attract people. The playground was a big hit and held up to the onslaught of use. It wasn't the little kids that swarmed the playground, it was the bigger ones. Plans are already in the works for a swing for the bigger kids of all sizes.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Home for a day`


Chris and I returned home late last night from Brimpton where we set up the playground and also helped get the grounds ready for camp. We are home today to get more stuff and then head back up to Brimpton with the rest of the family for youth camp. Ben stayed up in Brimpton to help out and is a counselor this year. Despite the rain we completed all bit a few little bits on the playground and will finish up when we get back. They are expecting about 50 campers this years and so with staff and all there should be around 80 on site. We are praying for the services and that we would see kids saved and lives changed this week.

Here are a few pics.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Those Farmers Sure Are Handy


We had a good day yesterday in our services. All three couples that have been coming recently were in attendance. We are teaching on the Lord's Supper on Sunday PM and that has certainly stimulated the discussions after church over a cup of tea.

One of the dilemmas we have had in regards to the playground is finding a slide for the shorter 3 foot platform. Everything we were able to find was made for a 4 or 5 ft platform. We have been brainstorming trying to come up with something that would work. We mentioned it yesterday in church and Bro Mike said he had a few things in his barn that might work. I popped out this morning and by the time he was done we had a slide for the littler kids. All it needs us a cradle to hold it up and attach it to the playground. Those farmers are quite handy to have around. He also plays the piano for us and he and his wife are a real blessing to us.

Here is a picture of one of the benches and duckboards for the shower house at camp.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who Would Have Thought It


A first today. The boys all are required to go to the gym as part of their school and they do not get the summer off because they need the exercise. They all have running to do as part of their programs but until today we (all 5 of us) had never run together at the same time. It was great. Obviously we all run at different speeds and so we eventually spread out but it has been nice to watch as the boys get in shape. Someone asked me the other day if I was sad that Ben had made his half marathon goal which cost me a few hundred dollars in airfare. I told him it was well worth it just for the time Ben and I spent together out running getting him ready for the race.

Almost ready for camp. Messages almost done, pranks almost finished, playground really close, benches and duckboards just need a few coats of Danish oil and we have the all essential camp snacks on the grocery list. Ben has to be at camp this Wed for staff training and so I am taking him up and also taking the playground to set up before camp.

Had a nice dinner with the Dudleys this week. They had some friends down from up country and so we took dinner over for the 6 of us. You do meet all kinds. Not sure if we have ever eaten with a female, charismatic, Nazarene preacher before or if we ever will again. Made for some strange dinner topics.