Saturday, 4 July 2009

Where Did The Past Two Weeks Go?

Hello again,

What a blur!! The group from our home church came for a missions trip and the last two weeks have been just a blur. It was a good trip and the group passed out around 7,000 John/Romans with a church pamphlet as well as helping us with our float in the annual town carnival parade. Incidently, we won first place for our float so we were quite chuffed.

A total of 19 people came and we warned them that we had them scheduled to do nothing but go, go, go. They could sleep on the plane back to the States. We did mix in some trips to see the sights but the focus of the trip was to advance the ministry here in Liskeard. We had 30 for our morning service last Sunday and were blessed to have James Dudley sing for us. He is 89 and still has a desire to serve God. He touched many hearts that morning. The group spent the day Wednesday in London sightseeing and all came home a bit sunburnt. Who would ever think that you could get a sunburn in England? They flew out Thursday morning and since Ben was flying back in Friday morning, I stayed up London way. Ended up helping someone move some furniture and was able to fellowship with a couple of missionaries over meals. Back home late Friday and now it is time to get ready for the Liskeard Show next weekend.

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