Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Psalms 119


We have been studying Psalm 119 in our Wednesday evening services for the past few months. It really struck me tonight how much David loved the word of God and turned to it whenever things went bad. In verse 78, he basically says that the proud can do whatever they are going to do but he will just stay in the word of God. What good advice. We tend to want to solve everything by our knowledge and wisdom.

It rained from dawn to dusk today. We are at 278% of our normal July rainfall and that is really saying something here. No outside work today but Kent did spend the day in the garage working on some benches and duckboards for the shower house at camp. The benches turned out okay but I thought the duckboards were better than average.

In every bad situation there comes some good. A satellite television group here went bankrupt and their assets were sold to ESPN. The new owners are running an extended free view on their American sports channel. We are enjoying watching the live baseball!!

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