Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day for us as parents. It is always good to see your children accomplish hard tasks and especially hard tasks that they might not be all that excited about. It does seem as though life is composed of 90% of things we would rather not do in order to do the 10% of things that we really enjoy. At some point, children need to learn that they will not enjoy everything life will require of them.

Some 6 months we challenged Benjamin to run a half-marathon in exchange for us paying his plane ticket to the States. The thought of running 13.1 miles was quite daunting to Ben as he had just started running 1.2 miles as part of his gym program and was stopping twice during this short distance. Today was the Swanage Half Marathon and Ben ran it in 2:22.57. This was well within his allotted time and so he achieved his goal. Well done! It was an extremely hilly course and so was quite trek. No word from Ben as to his plans to repeat the feat next year but we are not sending in any race forms yet.

It was also nice to fellowship with the Dickens. They are missionaries in Wareham, Dorset here in England and live about 7 miles from Swanage. Bro Pete ran the race as well and so we went over Friday night, had a cookout and talked a bit. The ladies went shopping while the men were out running and then we had lunch before heading back home. The only live about 150 miles from us but it takes 3 - 4 hours to get there because of the roads. After the Harvey's in Exeter, the Dickens are the next closest Baptists that we know of.

Here is a link to a few pics of the days events.

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