Thursday, 16 July 2009

Culture vs. Scripture


Well Jose is gone and Javier is now here. He seems pretty outgoing and likes pasta. We will get along just fine.

One of the battles a missionary faces no matter what country they serve in is the intrusion of culture into doctrine and practice. Many people do not realize how much culture has to do with their religious practices until they step outside of their own culture and into another. The thought that the other culture is doing things wrong must be tempered until the practice is weighed against Scripture to determine if it is Biblical or preference. Here in England, the Anglican Church has for the most part defined religion in England for the most part of 4 centuries. Even "Bible believing Christians" can find themselves holding certain practices dear that the C of E places emphasis on but the Scriptures do not.

We are not here to make people Americans, the basis of doctrine and practice should be Scriptural and not cultural. Unfortunately, you can lose people over these issues.

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