Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Backyard Behometh


It has started. Several years of planning and waiting and it all kicked off on Monday. The church/school/youth camp at Brimpton has been wanting a swing/playground for several years. There were several holdups but approval came this summer and Kent started putting the plan into action. Two towers each 6 ft by 8 ft connected by two bridges; slides; swings, fireman's pole; etc....... it certainly has the neighbors talking and finally today one asked if it was going to be staying in our garden. When we explained it was going to be disassembled and taken to Brimpton, they seem relieved. The boys are the designated holders and Deidra blows the dust out of the holes when Dad drills one. Supposed to rain the next few days but we are praying we can get it finished up and delivered next week in plenty of time for camp. We will add some pictures when we get them uploaded.

Andrea and kids went to sports day for homeschoolers today. It always seems a shock to us that not everyone who home schools is a Christian.

Javier, our second Spanish child of the summer, seems to be settling in after a rough start. He just needed a bit of direction pointed out to him.

More later........

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