Friday, 25 December 2009

A Lovely Day


We truly had a lovely Christmas day. The sun was out all day save a short sleet shower in the afternoon. We opened the presents this morning except for the one the kids talked Dad into opening on Christmas Eve. Turns out they each opened a box of chocolate that they felt no obligation to share. Thanks to our home church and some other churches sending gifts this year, we had a good number to open. Then it was a quick cleanup of the house while Kent went to pickup the Dudleys for Christmas Dinner. Turkey, a roast joint, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots and broccoli were on the menu. We opened our Christmas cracker and wore our hats. For dessert it was a traditional English Christmas Pudding, apple pie or a slice of lemon cake. We retired to the lounge with a cup of tea and ended up singing Christmas carols for a bit. It was very interesting to hear how the observance of Christmas has changed in the lifetime of the Dudleys. They spoke of how it was a fortunate family that even had a special Christmas dinner when they were children.

We then spent the rest of the day eating whatever we could find and we found alot. Now time to recover slightly as we celebrate Andrea's birthday tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009



What a time of year. There is so much scurrying about and spending and events that even when you try to remain focused on the true meaning of Christmas, it is very hard to do so. However, hard does not equate to shouldn't.

We have truly seen God's blessing already in this holiday season.
A lady who got saved some time back was in church Sunday morning for the first time in probably a year. We had 22 for our carol service in the PM. This included 8 first time visitors of which 4 were teens that walked in off the street. They stayed the entire service and even for the snacks after. They heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and so we consider that a fair trade. Our home church sent us 5 boxes of goodies and presents. We have started to enjoy the goodies but are making the kids wait to open the presents. We may let them open them on Christmas Eve. Kent's dad had an operation last week and is recovering well and all our parents seem to be doing fine health wise. We truly could go on and on but suffice it so say, we have been blessed beyond measure and are grateful to God for all He has done in our lives.

May you enjoy the Christmas season as well!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Snowy Candy Cane Day

Today was our annual candy cane handout. We have been handing out candy canes with a church invite for each of the last 7 years. Usually we buy about 1,000-1,500 canes and depending on the crowd in town takes about 1 hour to give them all away. We had no sooner started today when it began to snow. The rest of England got hit with snow on Friday but Cornwall had remained cold and sunny. We also had two ladies from the church come and help us out and that was a blessing.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Not Possible


You can always dismiss one instance as an anomaly but two instances tend to show a trend. When Austin turned 18 we merely dismissed it mentally as not really happening. However, when Ben turned 18 yesterday we had to face the reality that somehow our children have aged and yet we have not.

Please do not burst our bubble.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Boy, Are We In Trouble!


Sorry for the lag in posts but we have been away for 10 days. Each year a supporting church in Germany hosts a Christmas banquet for missionaries. If you can make it there, they will feed you and provide accommodations for the weekend. We have tried to go each year and make this our family vacation time. Since we are already in Germany, we try to show the kids a part of Europe they have yet to see.

We left on Thursday(Dec 3rd) after Austin got off work and drove to Dover to spend the night. Up at 4:00AM to catch the 5:55AM ferry to Calais and then spent the day driving to Mannheim, Germany. Arrived in time to check in, shower and change into our dress duds. Andrea had found a dress on a sale rack this summer and thought Kent needed a dinner jacket to match it. A thorough search of Ebay and we found one for 1 pound. It cost more to have it cleaned than to buy it. Friday was the banquet, Saturday was breakfast and then two preaching services. Lunch was the highlight for any trip we take to Germany, Taco Bell. The church is right next to a US military base and they have a TB and also Mountain Dew. The kids could stay there and be happy. Off to the Christmas Market for the afternoon and then dinner out. Because alot of missionaries have younger kids, we always offer our kids as babysitters for the evening and then just us adults can go out and visit. Makes for a nice evening. Sunday was church there in Mannheim and then Monday we took off for Bavaria. We took the kids to Rothenburg which is a walled medieval city that is quite lovely all decorated for Christmas. We then headed south to the ton of Fussen. This is where Ludwig II built his castle, Neuschwanstein. This is the castle that Walt Disney based his castles on. While the kids (17 and under are free..woohoo!!) took a tour of Neuschwanstein, Andrea and Kent toured Hohenschwangau which was the summer castle of Ludwig's parents. A quick detour into Austria for lunch and then it was off to Prague. This all sounds quite far but Europe is not really that big of a place. We spent a few days in Prague and Kent preached for a missionary there on Wednesday night. You want to visit a hard field? Go to the Czech Republic. Praise God for faithful missionaries who go to places like Prague.

Now comes the hard part....getting home. Back in the day....we used to travel 600, 700, 800 miles in a day and walk away just fine. Just another day in the life of a missionary on deputation. We left Prague at 7:15AM on Friday and drove 630 miles to just outside Paris to spend the night. We were shattered. Then we got up Saturday morning and headed for Calais to catch the ferry. The Lord blessed and we made good time and got home by 7:00PM Saturday evening. Shattered. No desire to go anywhere for a bit. It will be tough whenever we go to the States to do a furlough.

It was a great time as a family and possibly our last trip with everyone. Austin and Ben will be heading back to the States in 2010 and who knows what God has in store for them.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a great weekend. We had company starting Wednesday and the last group left Saturday afternoon. Thursday was the evening out in Plymouth. Our first year, the house we let had an oven that was way too small for a turkey so we ended up in Plymouth at Pizza Hut. Even after we moved and had a bigger oven we liked the idea of going to Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving Day so it stuck. We started having folks over for a Thanksgiving dinner about 5 years ago but had it on Friday night so as to not interfere with Pizza Hut. Each year we invite more people and each year it grows. There were 40 at this years dinner and we had a number of "regulars" miss this year. We rent a hall for the dinner and then all head to our house for some fellowship. Ping pong, Pit, Wii bowling were all on the agenda and we had people from 8 to 73 playing each and every one. It was a great time of fellowship and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Some People Never Learn


Happy Thanksgiving week. This is one of our favorite weeks here at the Gossmeyer abode. We have a tradition of going to Pizza Hut on Thursday and then on Friday we have a big dinner and invite people from all over England and most everyone we know in town. Only about 4 make it each year but we seem to cook for 100. We have some folks who make it a weekend and stay with us for a few days and we are thinking of making a retreat weekend out of the event some year.
You would think that after 7 years, we would learn some things. Dumber than a box of rocks seems to be the standard anymore. Kent was at the butcher today getting a few hams for the dinner and saw some turkey breast slices. Kent has yet to meet a turkey he did not like so he pick up a packet for some lunchtime treats. A he was checking out he made a joke about everyone having to share the turkey for dinner Thursday. The till lady just looked at him with a look that defies description until Kent realized for the thousandth time, the English don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thursday is just a normal day here. Maybe after 2o years the cobwebs will start to clear up.
Had a few ill Sunday but Andrea is back up and going so she was able to be in the services. I always remember what Pastor Casteel told me just before we left for England. He said "I will start to worry when you run less than 7 on a Sunday". Good thing we had a few extra last week to cover.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Getting More Than You Give


Several times in past blogs we have mentioned the Dudleys. They are an older couple who attend church here with us. Some time back, we started taking them dinner on Thursdays trying to be a blessing to them. It was not long before we were asked to stay and join them for dinner. Now, we look forward to Thursday night all week long. To sit and listen as these two Christians relate how good God has been to them and how they have seen him work in their lives is just an amazing experience. We may supply the meal each week but they give us so much more. That is usually what happens when we think we are going to be a blessing to someone. We end up the better for it. You cannot out give God!

Kent and Andrea went for their eye exams today. A bit of a nervous time for Kent as he has been holding things farther away to read them. Well, he was given a reprieve for now. The doctor said that Kent has long arms so he can wait a few years for bi-focals.

Kent has been reading about a device called a Kindle. It is an electronic book reader that you can upload books, magazines and newspapers. It also has a function that allows the device to "read" the selected material. with James not able to read due to his eyesight, we are thinking this might be something to look into. Know someone with a Kindle? please let us know. WE have questions.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Slow But Steady


We had a good Sunday. Another first time visitor came by. She just moved to town and is looking for a church. We told her we would pray that she finds where God wants her to be. Too many people treat finding a church like buying car. They look for something where they will be comfortable, it won't cause them any problems and they do not have to do any work to keep it running.

Andrea had some back problems over the weekend but after a visit to the chiropractor and some bed rest she is much better and back up and at it. Things sure do run smoother when Mom is functional.

The annual candy cane buying spree has begun. As soon as we see them in the grocery stores we start buying every box they have. Then we wait until they restock in a few days and hit them again. We tried to interest them in a bulk buy the first few years but no one was interested. Cannot find any plain red/white canes this year so we are having to go with the red/green/white ones. Not sure why that is a big deal to us but it is. We like the red/white ones.

Oh, and here is the real family pic from a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tickets Are Booked


If you are a regular reader of this blog (and both of you know who you are) you have seen mention of the 2012 London Olympic project and my desire to go to the Vancouver Olympics to do some research. I received advice from a number of people and decided in the end it would be beneficial to go. "What are you looking to accomplish?" seemed to be the most common question. Everyone who is planning an effort for the 2012 Olympics (and there will be many from all races, creeds and religions) is aware of the venue sites and the transportation links. I am looking for alternative sites and ministry opportunities. There are a plethora of activities other that the actual competitions that a host city has to offer.
I had been having problems locating anyone I could work with but this week God blessed and led me to a church in Vancouver that is planning to distribute 100,000 John/Romans and tracts during the games. They have associated with a church in Georgia that has gone to every Olympic Games since 1984. What a resource!! I have found some cheap housing at a hostel (think dorm room with 16 guys in it) and a cheap plane ticket so we are good to go. A few logistics to work out (bicycle, getting from Seattle to Vancouver) and some saving of money and it will be February before we know it. We appreciate your prayers that this trip will be a help for the 2012 Games and that we will see God do something amazing in Vancouver.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Winter Has Come


After quite the dismal summer, we had a quite nice autumn. September and especially October were great. Then came November. Nothing but rain all week and it has turned cold. Well.....cold for here. We have fully acclimated and if it is in the 40' and windy we tend to be decked out in winter kit. Had the best intentions to get back to Looe and the posh people but never really had a dry stretch. Spent the week doing mostly administrative things and clearing the honey-do list( that would be mostly getting my grading done so she knows where the boys are in Geometry).

You would think some independent Baptist would be doing something for the Winter Olympics next Feb but have not found anything yet. Kent has been looking at finding a room somewhere close to Vancouver. If you can find a room they are quite expensive. The Super 8 rooms in Vancouver went for $250 per night. The plan may turn out to find a hostel or a private room in a house and then buy a used bike to get around. All of the venues are within biking distance except for the ones at the ski resort and they have shuttles that run there. Don't have alot of money to do this but feel it will help the 2012 effort. God has always provided and will again.

We have started inviting people to the Gossmeyer Family Thanksgiving Feast on Friday the 27th. If you can make it you are most certainly invited. Starts at 6:30PM and you are welcome to stay the weekend.

Monday, 2 November 2009

When Is It the Darkest


We have all heard the saying it is darkest just before the dawn. Austin gave me a quote that it is darkest right before it goes pitch black. We started Sunday evening services right at one year ago. Our piano player and his wife, Mike and Eileen, thought there would be a number of people who would be interested in an evening service. We have had some people visit in the last year but for the past month it has just been our family and Bro Mike. He told me last week that he would understand if we went back to just a morning service in order to save money on the hall rental. I told him that we would keep on with the evening service until God told us otherwise. Last night we had 12 in the service. Eunice and Jackie came as well as Joe and the Crago's were both there. This was the first evening service for three of them.
How many times do we get discouraged and quit right before we see a blessing? It is like running a marathon and quitting at mile 20. Why waste the effort and pain of running the 20 miles? Go ahead and finish the race despite how you feel or think. Finish what you start.

Wow, pretty deep for our blog. Pretty good weekend for us. Nice weather on Sat and so we got out and enjoyed it. Austin passed another Microsoft test on Friday and is now certified in some other bits of their software. He only has a few more school sessions in his apprenticeship and then he will be fully certified in Microsoft networking. Kent letterboxed the posh part of Looe the other day. These were the oceanfront homes that you would see in a magazine or on television. It never seems like Baptists live on these sort of homes.Hmmmm......... Pretty to look at but they sure are far apart. Takes a long time to do very many of them. Deidra went to a friends birthday party and had a good time.
Pray we can find red and white candy canes this year. Everything we have seen so far has been weirdly coloured.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nice Quiet Week, So Far


Good week so far. We got some letterboxing done, had a good service Wed night, celebrated Chris's b-day Sunday and then again Tuesday. About the only trauma of the week was Kent got his finger caught between a van door and a wall when a gust of wind caught the door. Almost took the top of his pinkie finger off but it seems to be reattaching itself. It has been hard for the kids to do school with the sounds of his sobbing and weeping from the pain :)
Kent has been searching for someone who is planning an outreach during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Those games are this coming February and he would like to see how things work in preparation for the outreach effort in 2012 in London. Having a hard time finding anyone doctrinally sound that is going to be there.

You may be asking yourself why did they celebrate Chris's birthday twice. The actual date was Sunday, the 25th so we all wished him a Happy Birthday and that was about it. The real celebration was on Tuesday. We allow the children to select their b-day meal and so that usually means McDonalds for Deidra and Pizza Hut for most of the rest. Chris this year had asked if we could grill steak for his day. We thought that sounded better than Pizza Hut (and cheaper) so we agreed. The problem was Chris had gone to the orthodontist last Thursday and his teeth were still sore on Sunday hence we moved the official celebration to Tuesday. Kent took Chris to the butcher and let him pick out his own steak. The menu ended up scampi for an appetizer, steak, baked potato, corn for dinner and a poppy seed cake for afters. Very nice!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Quality Time With The Kids


We had a good weekend and trust you did as well. Austin had to drive up to London to take his ACT college exam on Saturday so he and Andrea left Friday and spent the night in Brimpton. Andrea went to see her friend Angela while Austin took his test. That left Kent in charge of the other 4 kids. Upon a review of the weather (rainy, windy) and the surf conditions (good swell, who cares if it is rainy you are going to get wet anyway) a compromise was reached with the kids. If they made sure to get their school done by the time Mom got home we would go surfing. So we packed lunches and headed for Bude. It was perfect! Just us and the few dogwalkers who braved the weather. The best news was when we returned the surfboards, the shop informed us that the rental was good until 5:00PM on Saturday. I left it up to the kids and they all decided they definitely wanted to come back. So we got up early Sat and checked the weather (rainy, very windy) and the surf conditions (very good swell, who cares if it is raining) and went back. The weather started clearing after lunch and it was a good day. You can tell the water is getting colder as it takes a few minutes to get warm. The water is about 62 degrees right now. Almost time to change from the summer wetsuit to a winter wetsuit. Took the kids home so they could finish school up.

We had good services on Sunday. Joe came back again and seemed to enjoy the service again. A few others were ill but it is good to see some new people come and start to grow.

Yesterday was time change Sunday here in England. We tend to be a week or two different on the change than the States. Time change Sunday has to be the worst day of the year. You go to church in the evening and it is light out and when you come out it is dark. Winter has come. Spending evenings outside are over for 6 months.

BTW, Austin thought he did well on his test. We get the results in about 6 weeks.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

7 Years of Bad Haircuts


One of the bad things about moving is you have to find new people to perform essential services in your life. New doctor, mechanic, barber, etc........ When we first moved to Liskeard I started going to a particular barber. Not really happy how he cut my hair but I thought he would soon learn. This has gone on for 7 years and even last week I remarked in Scotland that I was still not happy how he cuts my hair. Why not leave him is the obvious question. It took about 3 years before he would even discuss anything religious and this has slowly grown over the past 4 years. Today as I sat down, he asked me how people before the Cross related to God. Good question. Most people think Christianity started with Christ and do not understand the Old Testament. So while he cut my hair he got the whole salvation message. A man walked in on the last 5 minutes so he got a good dose as well.
How well did he cut my hair? Well, lets just say I will go back but not because he finally got my hair right. Please pray for my barber.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to the routine


Good day on Sunday. Everyone was healthy and at church as well as a first time visitor. He stayed and asked a few questions which was good. He told us that he had not been challenged in quite some time by the messages at this church and that the message Sunday spoke to him. Please pray for Joe.

Back to the routine this week. Kent is teaching Geometry and Speech this year to the two older boys and got behind the week he was in Scotland. We also had to scrap our 200 pound Rover this week. It was going to be way too much money to repair it to pass the safety inspection so off to the scrap yard it went. We got 8 months and 11,000 miles for our $300 so we consider that a blessing. We will see how the replacement car will do. Kent drove it to Dundee last week which is around 1300 miles round trip and it ran great.

Austin's car is in for it's inspection and will need a few repairs to get it through. We are going to try and squeeze another year of of it if possible.

Church tonight, dinner with the Dudleys tomorrow night and then Friday night date night. What an action packed week we have in store.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catch Up


This week has been a week of contrasts for us. Everything that was fun and enjoyable was tempered by the news of Bro Luke Onley's death. They visited with us for 4 days back in May on their survey trip to England and we enjoyed having them around. When I spoke with Rebecca this week I told her we considered her one of us and that would never change. Does a person become a missionary when their plane lands on foreign soil or when they surrender their heart and life to the field God has called them to? We tend to go with the moment of surrender because your life irrevocably alters as that point. I was in Scotland this week for a preachers conference and I always stop in the town of Penrith in the north part of England for fuel This is the same town the Onleys felt God was calling them to. As I fuelled the car, I looked around at the people going about their lives and asked God if He would send another man and his family to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard. I will never claim to understand all that God does and Luke's death is one of those events that we just have to trust God in.

The conference in Scotland was good this year. Not too many pastors from the States came over so it as mostly just us missionaries. Kind of like the inmates were running the asylum. We did see one young lady get saved in a morning session this year and other decisions were made a well. Probably the biggest blessing was the people that came from the States to help with the meeting. The church is Dundee is not a large church and the hosting of a meeting can be labor intensive. It is always a blessing to see church people from the States come over at their own expense for the sole intent and purpose of being blessing. Thank God for those churches in the States whose pastor encourages their people and especially young people to go visit the mission field.

Family is good. Boys and dad went surfing for an afternoon the Saturday before Kent went to Scotland. Not much in the way of waves but all we need at this point of our surfing careers. Austin takes the ACT test in London next weekend and has an exam in relation to his Microsoft certification/apprenticeship in the next few weeks. Ben has started Tae Kwan Do and Chris turn 16 next weekend. Time for him to hit the weights.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Great Liskeard Balloon Race


Yesterday was the St Matthew's Fayre here in Liskeard. The ancient town of Liskerrett received a charter in 1471 from the king of England to hold a fayre in honour of St Matthew. While the town not had a fayre each of the past 538 years, it has become a recent tradition. Organizations set up booths and a carnival with rides sets up in the Cattle Market Car Park. This is the second year we have participated and provided a balloon race for children. We had a good turnout and even some looking for us from last year. We gave out a large number of tracts and also had a few good conversations with some people. We were the only church in town that participated and that is just fine with us. We had a newspaper photographer take pictures of our booth as well as the launch and so we will keep and eye out for those.

Down a few at church today but James is sick and Connie stayed home to look after him. Please pray for James. When you get 89 years old what seems a small bout with the flu can become a big problem.

Friday, 2 October 2009

10 Years of Blessings


As mentioned the other day, the end of September marks several milestones for us as a family. This Sept 30th is the 7th anniverary of our arriving in England and the 10th anniversary of our going full time in the ministry. While these do not seem so momentous of decisions in retrospect, they were huge leaps of faith at the time for us as a couple and as a family. Many told us we were ruining our lives and would regret our decision. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We have had an incredible 10 years serving God. There are some times we sit around as a family and recite all the blessings God has bestowed upon us in the past decade. We have not starved, we have always had transportation and we sleep warm at night (at least by English standards). Our children have been able to see many sights both in the States and in Europe that would just not have been possible if Kent was still an accountant. We also believe we are much closer as a family because of the ministry and thank God he called us. The years have not been without trials but God has always seen us through them.

We know not was the next decade holds for us should the Lord tarry, but we do know that He will never leave us nor forsake us. It is with that promise we gladly continue on the path God has set before us.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Surfing Pictures


I had promised a few surfing pics from the trip a week ago.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Good To See Family


Gotta love September! It has been an excellent month of weather. Some very nice sunny days and warm temps. We have been having a nice visit with the Bairds. Hard to believe that it has been a year since JC's surgery and subsequent battle with cancer. He is looking quite healthy. We went out to eat on Thursday evening with James Dudley's daughter. She is visiting from New York and brought a friend with her. Come to find out, they fellowship with a church that supports us. Small world!!

Friday was bbq ribs and steak night and we all ate till we were full as tics and Saturday evening we went to the Brown's for dinner. It does sounds as if all we have done is eat and that is not far from the truth.

We had a good day at church today. It was a special service this morning to have JC sing and play the piano for us. God has been very good to us to allow him this extra time and health to come and visit us. We have already started working on him about coming back but he was not too thrilled with the long plane ride. Can't say as I blame him.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

To London town we go


Well, we are all back home now. Andrea and Kent went up to London to pick up Andrea's parents at Heathrow. We left Tuesday after lunch and first stopped off in Exeter. We dropped off some John/Romans with the Harveys there, had a cup of tea and then headed east. We then stopped in Wareham and dropped off a bookcase for the Dickens and then went to the Ghurka for dinner. Think Nepalese buffet. It was good and we tried some things we had never eaten before. Andrea especially liked the crispy seaweed. Then we drove on to the airport and spent the night. JC and Judy flew in at 7:00AM and we headed west to Cornwall. We had Gossmeyer chicken for dinner and then time for church. Everyone stayed awake but it was a struggle.
Ben fixed waffles for breakfast this morning and did so well he might have to do it again before the Grandparents leave. As always, Grandma's suitcases were filled with a fantastic assortment of goodies. The kids will be on a sugar high for weeks.

Always nice to see family and get to visit.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Still Sunny in Cornwall......


What a great weekend! For starters the weather has held up and we enjoyed sunshine all week. We discovered soon after we moved to England the reason the English were such great explorers. They were just trying to find somewhere warm and sunny.

Saturday the boys and Kent went surfing for the day. Not many people think of England as a surfing hotspot but the southwestern part of the country gets alot of swells straight off the Northern Atlantic. They went to a town called Bude and took two lessons. A few of them had gone before but this was Ben and Davis's first time. Now when many people think of surfing, they think of the hot sun, warm water and girls in bikinis. The warmest the ocean water temp gets in the summer is about 58 degrees. You have to wear a wetsuit even in the summer and even gloves and boots in the winter (when the waves are the best). Tuns out Ben and Davis abolutely loved it. By the end of the day most if not all were standing up if only for a few seconds. It is not as easy as it looks in those 60's movies. The boys plan seems to be to pool their money and buy some secondhand kit and give it a go. Sounds good to us.

Meanwhile, Deidra and Andrea were at the miniature dollhouse store furnishing Deidra's kitchen. This was followed by lunch at the Fat Frog and then home to make some accessories for her dollhouse.

You may ask what was the occasion? The end of September marks several anniversaries for us. It is 7 years since we arrived in England and 10 years of full time ministry for us. It was in Sept of 99 that Kent resigned his corporate job and went full time in the ministry. Every year we do a little something to mark the events and remind our kids of just how good God has been to us the past 10 years. There were a number of people who told us it was a mistake to go into the ministry and that we were ruining our lives. We have to say at the 10 year mark that we have no complaints as to how God has treated us. We have been truly blessed and we want our kids to see that and realize that. We also like to thank them for being a blessing to us. Our kids do not have alot of friends and for the most part never hear from anyone in the States. It would be easy for them to develop a bad attitude and resent the ministry God has placed us in. We have not had this problem to date and we attribute it to the advice we received while on staff at Beth Haven. Just like a car, your family needs routine maintenance. If a day of surfing or going out to Pizza Hut every so often is the price of keeping the family together and able to stay on the mission field then that seems pretty cheap.

We also had 19 in church Sunday morning. Some visitors from the previous week returned and a family on holiday came to both the morning and evening services. Almost had to set out another row of chairs. Andrea's parents fly in to London on Wed morning and so Kent and Andrea will drive up and pick them up. The kids are excited. Grandma's suitcase always has some good surprises in it.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Pray for the Grissoms


I would ask each of you to pray for the Grissoms. They are the family that came to visit us a few weeks ago and are in the pics below. Wayne suffered a suspected heart attack on Tuesday and is still having problems. He will have to take some time off from the ministry.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

This Must Be Hawaii

Wow, we have had 4 straight days of sunshine. Our skin tone is now just slightly darker than milky white but we are making progress. Friday was the hardest day I have ever had letterboxing. Only did about 200 but there was not a street level door on the entire route. I honestly doubt I would have lasted 20 minutes if I was not doing my running. The town does seem to level out a bit for this week but when we move to the other side of the Looe River it looks to be just as bad.

Had a good day today. Two firs time visitors. They both mentioned that they had received literature from us recently. That would have been June when Beth Haven was here. They both live in Liskeard and we have not letterboxed in Liskeard since they were here. Both seemed interested so we will keep you updated.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sunny Days


The sun came out in Cornwall. We should all just sit back and bask in the thought....................................................................................................................

okay. Did some letterboxing in Looe both yesterday and today. The hills in Looe make Liskeard look like western Kansas. Had a meeting this morning with some folks who are looking to start a Bible study at the local school. It would be on a rotational basis so on our weeks it would just be us and not a collective effort. We will see where this leads.

Had a nice dinner with the Dudleys this evening.

More letterboxing tomorrow, continuing to work on a bookcase for a pastor and then Friday Night Date Night. The Cragos are going with us and we are looking forward to it.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Labor Day


We officially celebrated Labor Day with labor. The kids started school today. Well, actually they started last Monday but with our friends deciding at the last minute to come visit school was put on hiatus for a week. Brownies start tonight, karate starts up again tonight and the routine of life will once again take center stage. Ben and Kent are looking at taking a Spanish course this fall in hopes of being able to impress Jose when he comes back next summer.

Good day at church yesterday. Spoke on living a balanced Christian life and finished up on stewardship last night. Must have worked since we had a good offering yesterday. Wait, we take the offering before the message........hmmmmmmm. We will see what next week holds in store.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Sad Farewell


Our guests left this morning after a waffle breakfast. We truly enjoyed the time with them and our time with them reminded us how little fellowship we get. Their kids did not want to leave and we took that as a good sign. Here are a few pics of the big tour on Friday. It was a nice sunny day but quite windy. They really loved Cornwall as the part of England they live in is flat as a table.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hostess with the Mostest


We have had an enjoyable week with our friends who are down on holiday for a few days. There are just some people you instantly mesh with and enjoy being around. This family is one of those types. It rained all day Wednesday so we just let the kids play around the house and the adults went into town to do a few errands and some shopping. Somehow, a few Barnecutt's pasties made it back to the house for lunch. We had services than night and just enjoyed the fellowship. Thursday, Kent and Wayne went and helped the Dudley's for awhile and then Kent took the visiting friends up to the Moors to have a hike. Everyone came home a little wet and plenty tired. Our family went to the Dudleys for dinner and had a great time. James and Connie were so excited that we would come over and that the kids would come as well. We ended up telling riddles for awhile after dinner, the kids quoted some Bible verses for them and then we sang a bit. Andrea thought the dinner was great because we had roast beef.

We did the big tour today but will put that in a later post.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sunday Dinner and Friends


We had a good weekend and good services. Sunday was a 5th Sunday so we had dinner after the morning service and some fellowship. Most everyone stayed and we had a good visit. Preached on "Stop Living In Yesterday" in the morning and we are working through a stewardship series on Sunday PM. Here are a few pics from dinner.

Some missionary friends from up country arrived today for a bit of a holiday. Needed to get away and you cannot get away from it any farther than Cornwall. They have two kids that are about the same age as Davis and Deidra so they have been playing non stop since they got here. It turned sunny this afternoon so we took them to where else but Polperro. They want to move to Cornwall now. Here are a few pics from the day.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Update on the Kiddos


Thought we would give an update on the kids. They never seem to get much airtime or mention.

Austin- he has had a good two weeks. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate, his MCP from Microsoft and as of today he is now a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. All things he has been working on for some time but they came to fruition just this month. He has a year left on his apprenticeship in IT at the local school district and then off to university.

Ben- he was back in the States for a month this summer to be spoiled by the grandparents and to brought back a Playstation 3 that he has been saving for. He also ran a half-marathon in July and has not moved faster than a shuffle since :). He is presently looking for a part-time job but even in good times it is hard for a teenager to find a job here. Not many teens work and the shops all close at 5PM so they need limited staff. He has one more year of school with us and then ????? He is also thinking about doing some Tae Kwan Do this year.

Chris- he is now 15 and almost as tall as his older brothers. He is still the size of a broomstick but he can sure do pullups. He had a tooth pulled this week so his braces can move his teeth into their proper position. Chris is a junior this year and is hoping to take some advanced classes at the local school. He has a weekly paper route and laments the fact that is always seems to rain on paper day.

Davis- he is still Davis. He charms wherever he goes. He is also taking karate and has about one year before he grades for his black belt. Since turning 12 in March, he has joined us at the gym and is the pushup master. He ran 2.2 miles the other day for the first time and thought that was far enough. Davis is a 7th grader this year.

Deidra- the princess is growing up. Now 8 years old, she is a Brownie and looks forward to Monday nights. She often gets up on Mondays mornings asking if she can put on her uniform. She has a miniature doll house she likes to play with but has a bit of tom-boy in her. Just today while Dad was turning over a flower bed, she was collecting the earthworms into a pile. She starts 3rd grade this fall and is a good helper to mom around the house. Deidra believes her real purpose on Earth is to boss the boys around.